Empire of Kythira

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Empire of Kythira
Official languages
  • Riverlandish
  • Redstonian
  • Low Riverlandish
Ethnic groups
  • Heartlander
  • Riverlander
  • Camurian
  • Alcanzari
  • Arodraghi
  • Redstonian
  • Demonym Kythiran
    Government Constitutional federal imperial monarchy
    • Emperor
    • Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces
    Publius Decius Agricola
    • High Lord of Ardoragh
    Legislature The Diarchy
    The Emperor
    Council of High Lords
    • Claim on the King's Mountains
    0 AC
    • Proclamation of the Kingdom
    0 AC
    0 AC
    • Member of the Redstone Alliance
    0 AC
    • The Great War
    1 AC
    • Proclamation of the Empire
    4 AC
    Currency Green Dragon Emerald (GDE)
    Emperor of Kythira
    Coetzeeclan Viromaro
    since 4 AC
    Style his Majesty
    Heir apparent High-Lord Whazajottom Roterstein, Knight of the Tower
    Heir presumptive None
    First monarch Coetzeeclan Viromaro
    Formation 4 AC
    Residence Imperial Palace

    The Empire of Kythira is a sovereign nation-state spanning the whole of the Continent of Westeria.

    The Empire was founded during the Third Era by King CoetzeeClan after the Great Grief by unifying all the fallen kingdoms into the Kingdom of Kythira. After this transition, he crowned himself Emperor of Kythira and Sovereign of Westeria.

    The Empire is ruled from its capital: Helmira.

    The Empire is divided into six provinces, Three Crown Provinces and three Golden Provinces: semi-independent provinces ruled by a High Lord who is appointed by the Emperor. Outside of these province boundaries like the Northern Sea, the Southern Sea and the Vestlig Sea lay the Farlands, except in the east. These Farlands, although officially without name often are called by their geographical location: The North, The South, The West. These Farlands are under authority of the Crown and still a part of the Empire of Kythira, but they are not seen as the mainland, and thus they are often disregarded.


    The Empire of Kythira traces its roots back to the Kingdom of Kythira, a city state founded at the end of the First Era by the Riverlander Lord Coetzee. During the Second Era, many city-states followed Kythira's example across Westeria, as the lands across the Narrow Sea had not been explored except for minor areas, and no settlements were made. Conflict would eventually arise between the city states of Redstonia, Kythira and Helmsdeep and the free people of the Riverlands. This all exploded in the Great Grief, which ended the Old World and brought a dark age to Minecraftia. After this event, remnants of Kythiran civilization began annexing the rest of Westeria and rebuilding from the ashes, which culminated in the annexation of Ardoragh and ending the Third Era. At this point, the Kythiran Empire as we know it today, was founded.


    Helmira - Capital of the Empire of Kythira and the Heartlands

    Redstonia - Capital of the Peninsula of Peril

    Marsadini - Capital of Camuria

    Solleria - Capital of The Reach

    Oldspawn - Capital of the Riverlands

    Alralysva - Capital of Ardoragh

    Kreonix - Harbour city in Ardoragh, major city and largest naval port at the Vestlig Sea.

    Yrticil - City in Ardoragh with a river connecting it to the Dødehavet Sea, aside from Redstonia one of the most fortified cities in Kythira.









    Peninsula of Peril


    The Empire is under the autocratic control of His Imperial Highness Coetzeeclan I, Emperor of Kythira and Sovereign of Westeria. To aid in this task, he has the aid of three High Lords, rulers of semi-independent Golden Provinces, and the Hand of the Emperor. The Empire is ruled from the White Gold Tower, which stands proud in the Arcadia District of Helmira. The power is symbolized in the Kythiran Crown, located in Castle Fuertera, and the Kythiran Diamond Throne, located in the White Gold Tower. The Crown Provinces are all directly ruled from the White Gold Tower, whilst Golden Provinces are only indirectly ruled from there.

    A High Lord is a Kythiran citizen who has been knighted as Knight of the Tower and who upon accension has been handed control over a Golden Province.


    The Kythiran Military consists of two different factions. First and foremost, at the Emperor's command the High Lords must assemble their forces to come and assist in defending the Empire from foreign threats. This force has access to numerous castles, towers, bunkers and fortresses across the Empire to station themselves in during a foreign invasion.

    For the protection of the crown however, the original Kythiran Military, was revived with a new purpose and vision by Publius Decius Agricola, on the orders of the Emperor. This force, known as the Imperial Legion of Kythira, is primarily focused on rapid response actions, protection of the Emperor and protection of the Realm by supressing uprisings within the Empire, as well as supporting civil authorities and law-enforcement agencies.


    The currency of the Empire is the Green Dragon Emerald. It's economy in general consists of trade between the provinces and to a lesser extend trade with the Imperius Reich.

    The Province of Camuria holds the Imperial Mining Company, the Province of Alcanzar the Imperial Forestry Company, the Province of Ardoragh mostly has a service based economy, quite like the one the Kingdom of Redstonia had during the Second Era.

    The Crown Provinces focus on a combination of taxation of the Golden Provinces, the production of food and trade with Imperius via the Imperial Trading Company, located in Helmira, which has a monopoly on trade with foreign powers.

    A lot of the economy of Kythira runs through Ardoragh these days, as the world's largest province houses many natural resources, and beside that there is plenty of trade to go around with the many small villages scattered all around Ardoragh.

    Official Languages

    The Empire of Kythira has three official languages, though Riverlandish and Low-Riverlandish is the standard. These are:

    Riverlandish: Based on the Dutch language

    Low-Riverlandish: Based on the English language

    Redstonian: A mixture of Germanic and Nordic languages

    These three different languages are a legacy from the Second Era and the different city-states across Westeria.

    Imperial Family

    Kythira is ruled by the House Viromaro, a noble house that is among the oldest houses in Westeria, like House Roterstein or the extinct House Hurdræber. Originating as Riverlanders, they were the ones to first create a unified state: The Kingdom of Kythira. Today, the only known member of the family is Coetzeeclan Viromaro, though Kaiser Borous of Imperius is a relative.

    Noble Houses

    Kythira, being ruled by a noble class, has several noble houses amongst her citizens, the most important of these being the following:

    House Roterstein:

    Though originally a royal house in the Second Era, House Roterstein today is the second most powerful noble house within the Empire of Kythira after the Imperial Family. After being knighted Knight of the Tower, Lord Whazajottom, the former King of Redstonia, was elevated to the position of High-Lord of Ardoragh. Later he was bestowed with the title of Crown Prince of Kythira, meaning he is to seize power once the Emperor ceases or steps down from his service. This makes Whazajottom's full title Crown Prince Whazajottom of Kythira, High-Lord of Ardoragh and Knight of the Tower. His brother, Duke Corspin Roterstein, rules the city of Kreonix in High-Lord Whazajottom's name. High-Lord Whazajottom himself resides in his palace in the city of Alralysva, but due to his powerful position, he also has a residence in the Empire's capital of Helmira, namely the Ardoragh Palace.

    House Vinkhuys :

    Riverlandish in origin, House Vinkhuys was the ruling house of the province of Alcanzar. The only surviving member of this noble house, High-Lord SillyJoey Vinkhuys ruled the well defended but economically weak province from castle Verano in the city of Solleria, until his disappearance in the early Third Era. The Vinkhuys family was given their lordship by the Emperor as a reward for their services to the Riverlands, since they were the original founders of the Rebel Alliance during the Second Era.

    House Agricola:

    The House Agricola claim themselves to be related to Consul Republic, the founder of the short-lived Federation of Provinces in the Second Era. Today their last remaining member, though not being of true nobility, rules the Golden Province of Camuria in the absence of a High-Lord. This is Lord-Protector P. Decius Agricola. They were also a leading cause behind the re-militarization of the Kythiran Royal Guard, producing what we today know as the Imperial Legion.

    House Wolf:

    House Wolf is a young house, being elevated into nobility during the Fourth Era. They founded and were behind most of the construction of the City of Yrticil. The current head of the house, and ruler of the city in name of High-Lord Whazajottom is Duke WhiteWolfXD98.

    House Hjerte:

    Like House Wolf, House Hjerte is one of the youngest noble houses, being elevated into nobility during the Fourth Era. They are behind the construction of a massive palace, the largest the world has seen at that stage, in the middle of the Fjarthrond Forest. The current ruler of this house is Duchess Hartje.