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Emperor Coetzeeclan Viromaro is the ruler of the Kythiran Empire and the most powerful person within the Kythiran Empire. His full title is Emperor Coetzeeclan of Kythira, Lord Protector of the Realm, High Lord of the Crown Provinces, Count of Helmira.

Imperial House
Country Empire of Kythira

Castle Fuertera (Family Castle)

Villa Riverside

Villa Mar Soleado

Terrasse Hus

Emperor of Kythira

Lord Protector of the Realm

High Lord of the Crown Provinces

Duke of Helmira
Style(s) His Imperial Highness
Founded c. 0 AC
Founder Coetzeeclan Viromaro & Squarepantstoo Viromaro
Current head Emperor Coetzeeclan Viromaro
Ethnicity Alcanzari


The Emperor Coetzeeclan Viromaro started as one of the first men. His father, Squarepantstoo Viromaro, discovered the world of Minecraftia, and led the other first men into the realm. Coetzeeclan is also a distant relative of Kaiser Borous, back then known as Borre of Blackwater.

Coetzeeclan began the Second Era by establishing the world's first nation: The Kingdom of Kythira.

His position as most powerful man in the world was soon toppled as Kythira became engulfed in conflicts during the tremulous Second Era, but he managed to maintain control of Kythira, and keep it as an independent state.

Escaping the Great Grief through a stronghold north of the Riverlands, he eventually began to unify the old world and rebuild upon the ruins, forming what is known today as the Kythiran Empire. He also acquired the castle of Blackwater Base in return for land east of the Narrow Sea, indirectly making way for the Imperius Reich to be formed.

Coetzeeclan Viromaro Today

Though officially still the absolute ruler of Kythira, today most of the power in the Empire is in the hands of Crown Prince Whazajottom, the High-Lord of Ardoragh.

In the Fourth Era the Emperor spends great sums of taxed income, mostly coming from Ardoragh, on both infrastructure projects and to maintain his own luxurious lifestyle, as he moves from palace to palace.

Many speculate that he is making preparations to retire as Emperor, but so far the only sign of this has been his appointment of an official successor. If this would occur, it would make the Roterstein family of Crown Prince Whazajottom the new Imperial House of Kythira.