Publius Decius Agricola

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Imperial Legate

Hand of the Emperor

Lord Protector of Camuria

Publius Decius Agricola
Native name Publius Decius Agricola
Birth name Publius Decius Agricola
Nickname(s) The Butcher of Spawnkeep
Born Lapis, Camuria, Kingdom of Helmsdeep
Allegiance Empire of Kythira
Service/branch Imperial Legion of Kythira
Years of service 1
Rank Imperial Legate, Triarius
Unit Kythiran High Command
Commands held Legio I Coetzee
  • Knight of Kythira
  • Helmsdeep Distinguished Service Cross

Publius of clan Decius, branch Agricola, grew up in Lapis, back when it was still part of the Helmsdeep colony of Marsadini. A farmer by trade, Agricola tended to the farms of Lapis, and he lived a relatively peaceful life far away from the raids and wars further north.

Second Era

In his free time Agricola would fish in the cape of Dorne, or swim to Bear Island to walk through the silent forest that stood on the island. If the harvest was plentiful, he would sell the remaining produce in Marsadini to, among others, Redstonian traders. He had a nice and tidy income, saving up his gold to one day be able to afford a nice house in Marsadini and retire there. He frequented the library and attended Marsadini University part time as well as he could, despite his parents never being able to afford him a proper education in his youth. When hearing of the founding of the United Federation of Provinces he became a fervent supporter, but could only voice it in secret due to the threat of facing imprisonment in a Helmsdeep dungeon.

Helmsdeep levy

However, after the War of Two Kings and the intensification of the raids on the Riverlands, the native Helmsdeep troops had suffered significant losses. The Helmsdeep military began calling upon the colonial citizen-soldiers of Camuria. The Camurians particular were renowned for their unique fighting ability, being the only ones focusing on quality-over-quantity disciplined legionary heavy infantry. Previously, the Marsadini City Council had stressed their desire for neutrality in the war and were mostly left alone, but they were left with little choice when Helmsdeep demanded their allegiance.

Agricola too, being a healthy, strong and able-bodied man, was drafted into service. Despite being politically opposed to Helmsdeep foreign policy and supporting the Federation, he knew that the punishment for desertion was death.

Agricola, along with his fellow Lapis conscripts, were quickly and rigidly trained, learning to follow every command to the letter and facing harsh punishments for disobedience. Compared to other levied troops, the Camurians were significantly more disciplined, although not quite matching full-time soldiers of fortune or elite infantry. Agricola and his group were sent to the Riverlands, being pitched against the Rebel Alliance. Numbed and traumatised by the conflict, the raids and the terror, Agricola complied with his orders, earning the nickname "The Butcher of Spawnkeep" in the process. After he and his squad were dismissed and distinguished for their service after the Battle of Castle Aquilon, he withdrew to the jungle south of Lapis, a place he knew well from childhood. Agricola built himself a small home west of the jungle. Here, he would live for several years in relative isolation, tending a smaller farm and keeping mostly to himself. Due to this, he was mostly unaware of the event known as the Great Grief.

Third Era

During mid 5AC, his home was discovered by Kythiran scouts planning a new road between Marsadini, and Solleria, a city that has been built on the Cape of Sol. At first seen as a Imperius spy, he was brought before the Emperor himself. Realising that he had gained a unique opportunity to help prevent the death and slaughter that had troubled the land for so long, he offered to serve the Emperor to the best of his abilities and as far as his morals would permit him to. After being granted citizenship, he was handed Bear Island as a gesture of good will, which had a minor Kythiran keep known as Castle Mormont on it.

After expanding fort Mormont, Agricola moved to the Imperial City with a proposal to the Emperor: A Kythiran Legion, a small but dedicated and professional army meant to be loyal to the Kythiran Crown. The request was granted, and Agricola received funds, materials and aid from Ardoragh's best engineers, and Bear Island was quickly expanded into a formidable base for the new Legion. In the White Gold Tower, he was named Imperial Legate and supreme commander of the Kythiran Armed Forces.

Fourth Era (current)

Later, during the Trial of High Lord Whazajottom, he was also Knighted by the Emperor, granting him the title of Knight of Kythira, making him the Emperor's most important bodyguard, and he gained the position of Hand of the Emperor, making him one of the most powerful people in the Kythiran Empire.

Emperor CoetzeeClan has named, after High Lord Potfox's prolonged absence, Agricola as Lord Protector of the Province of Camuria - making him the defacto ruler of the region. Although initially wanting to make Agricola the new High Lord, Agricola turned the offer down, pointing out his already demanding duties as Hand and commander-in-chief. Instead, Agricola only temporarily holds the position until a suitable ruler has been found.


Much of Agricola's later life has been overshadowed by his actions during the raids on the Riverlands. He has repeatedly expressed great regret about the slaughter of innocent Riverlanders and crushing the resistance and in hindsight, he stated that he would rather have been executed for desertion would he have to make the choice again. Despite being somewhat of a pacifist as a result, he saw his audience with Emperor CoetzeeClan as an opportunity to reshape war in the years to come. His leadership of the Imperial Legion of Kythira has been characterised as somewhat mild, and being unique for setting extraordinarily high standards on military ethics, maintaining professionalism, maintaining decency and preventing power abuse and corruption. He is known to be relatively easy on disciplinary punishments and is fairly universally loved by his troops. He is fervently opposed to conscription and explicitly only accepts volunteers in the Legion, possibly due to being drafted against his will himself.

Nowadays, he spends his leisure time studying for his academic degree at the University of Marsadini. He had never completed it due to being drafted and subsequently disappearing into the jungle.