Kingdom of Helmsdeep

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Kingdom of Helmsdeep
Official languages
  • Riverlandish
  • Low Riverlandish
Ethnic groups

Helmser (Would later become the following:)

  • Camurian
  • Heartlander
  • Alcanzari
Demonym Helmsers
Government Autocratic direct monarchy
• King
Mercenary Hurdræber
• Formation of the Kingdom
Second Era
• End of the Kingdom during the Great Grief
Second Era
Currency Diamonds
King of Helmsdeep
None. Kingdom extinct.
Style his Majesty
Heir apparent None. Royal House extinct due to the Great Grief
Heir presumptive None
First monarch Mercenary Hurdræber
Last monarch Mercenary Hurdræber
Formation Second Era
Residence Sverdpalass Castle

The Kingdom of Helmsdeep was a Minecraftian Kingdom located in the continent of Westeria, founded shortly after the Kingdom of Kythira during the Second Era.

The King of Helmsdeep was originally from the Spawnlands. Helmsdeep was a great power for most of its existence. Existing during the chaotic times of the Second Era it eventually fell during the Great Grief due to betrayal by the Von Roterstein family, who ruled the Kingdom of Redstonia.


The Kingdom of Helmsdeep was established by Lord Mercenary of House Hurdræber. It originated as a castle build on top of the Helms Mountains, which would later become the Sverdpalass Castle. Crowning himself King, the new ruler would soon come into conflict with the Kingdom of Kythira, located north of the Valley Lands, a large valley in between the two kingdoms, with both sides claiming the Valley Lands as their sovereign territory.

Helmsdeep soon became focused on raids as a means of income, first raiding the Kingdom of Kythira multiple times until they submitted after the War of Valley Lands, which saw the destruction of the Helmsdeep fleet and a blockade of their riverways into the Narrow Sea. However, secret tunnels under the Valley Lands ultimately allowed several Helmsdeep raiders to break into the Kythiran capital and destroy several buildings, including the world's first public library, which resulted in the Kythiran Kingdom capitulating.

Afterwards the Helmsdeep raiders focused their attention on the heavily populated but unprotected Spawnlands. This would ultimately result in Lord Whazajottom Von Roterstein to emigrate east to escape the raids together with a small party, where upon discovering the Peninsula of Peril on the Narrow Sea they would establish the Kingdom of Redstonia.

The Kingdom of Redstonia soon became trusted allies of the Kingdom of Helmsdeep. In order to allow contact between the two nations, the city of Marsadini was constructed by Helmsdeep to evade the Kythiran blockades, with Redstonia colonizing several smaller towns around Marsadini.

In order to form a unified front against the Spawnlands, the Redstone Alliance was founded, a military union between the Kythiran, Redstonian and Helmsdeep Kingdoms.