Imperial Legion of Kythira

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Imperial Legion of Kythira
Banner of the Imperial Legion
Banner of the Imperial Legion
Active 5AC -present
Country Empire of Kythira
Branch Army
Type Heavy infantry with recon, cavalry and support units
Role Law-enforcement, quick reaction force, protection of strategic assets
Headquarters Bear Island
Nickname(s) The Legion
Motto(s) Strength and Honour
Colors Red and yellow
Engagements None
Publius Decius Agricola

The Imperial Legion of Kythira, often shortened to Imperial Legion, is a professional armed force. Unlike the bulk of the Kythiran military, which consists of temporary provincial levies raised by the High Lords, the Imperial Legion is a permanent standing army loyal only to the Crown. In peacetime, the Legion is primarily tasked with law enforcement and the protection of strategic assets. It's headquarters are at Bear Island. Interestingly, the Imperial Legion is notable for it's adherence to Camurian military tradition (including the use of the Camurian language), as opposed to the rest of the Kythiran military. The Legion has an extraordinary high standard of military ethics.


During the integration of the Province of Ardoragh into the Empire of Kythira at the dawn of the Fourth Era, Emperor Coetzeeclan determined that the feudal method of raising armies had a fundamental problem. Namely, that as the size of Kythira increased, the loyalty of the levied soldiers drifted more and more towards the person who levied them instead of the Kythiran state. To counter this problem, it was decided that a standing army loyal only to the Crown would have to be established. A slim, but exceptionally well-trained and equipped force the likes of which Minecraftia had never seen. Although largely outnumbered by the provincial forces, it is nevertheless an effective force that can be deployed rapidly in times of war and more importantly: will side with the Crown in the event of internal conflict. Traditionally, the legions are garrisoned near the Imperial City, although detachments are occasionally assigned to the Kythiran frontier borders.

A Camurian himself, Agricola argued for training the legionary forces in the Camurian fashion. As such, a focus on quality-over-quantity heavy infantry was established - complete with Camurian segmented armour, short swords and rectangular pavise shields. As a consequence, a significant number of Camurians serve in the Legion, compared to other branches of the military.


The Imperial Legion is divided into a number of legions and a small fleet. Additionally, the Legion occasionally employs local mercenaries or auxiliary troops known as numeri.

Classis I Expeditio

Commander: Captain J.T. Caeso

Second-in-command: x

Stationed: Lannisport, near Bear Island

Legio I Coetzee

Commander: FR ILgt. P.D.Agricola

Second-in-command: Trbn. J.M.Gottfried

Stationed: Bear Island, Camuria


  • 1st Legionary Cohort "Emperor's Finest"
    • Ctrn. x
  • 2nd Legionary Cohort "Heartlander Devils"
    • Ctrn. x
  • 2nd Equestrian Cohort "Redstone Revengers"
    • Ctrn. x
  • 3rd Equestrian Cohort "Rough Reachmen"
    • Ctrn. x
  • 1st Recon Cohort
    • Ctrn. x
  • 2nd Recon Cohort
    • Ctrn. x
  • 4th Recon Cohort
    • Ctrn. x
  • 1st Logistical Cohort
    • Ctrn. x
  • 4th Logistical Cohort
    • Ctrn. x
  • 1st Engineering Cohort
    • Ctrn. x
  • 1st Medical Cohort
    • Ctrn. x

Legio II Fidelis

Commander: LLgt. x

Second-in-command: Trbn. x

Stationed: Castra Pretoria, the Riverlands


  • 4th Legionary Cohort "Swampers of Oldspawn"
    • Ctrn. x
  • 3rd Recon Cohort
    • Ctrn. x
  • 2nd Logistical Cohort
    • Ctrn. x

Legio III Ignis

Commander: LLgt. x

Second-in-command: Trbn. x

Stationed: Red Keep, Peninsula of Peril


  • 3rd Legionary Cohort "Riverlander Blitzers"
    • Ctrn. x
  • 5th Legionary Cohort "Guardians of Camuria"
    • Ctrn. x
  • 6th Legionary Cohort "Sabretooth"
    • Ctrn. x
  • 1st Equestrian Cohort "Emperor's Vanguard"
    • Ctrn. x
  • 4th Equestrian Cohort "Chargers"
    • Ctrn. x
  • 3rd Logistical Cohort
    • Ctrn. x

Unit specialisations

Within the Imperial Legion, each cohort conforms to one of the following specialisations. Note that regardless of specialisation, most units actively perform law-enforcement and patrolling duties and share the same basic skillset.


A legionary cohort is a heavy infantry unit made up of formidable fighting soldiers. Generally, these soldiers garrison castles and fortresses and are tasked with their defense. They are typically trained in both the bow and the sword, and they employ advancing-rank shieldwall tactics to overwhelm enemy forces while bombarding them with arrows.


A reconnaissance cohort is usually a lightly-equipped mobile cavalry unit that is specifically equipped for (law-enforcement) patrols, scouting and reporting the results back to their legion, providing valuable intelligence.


Somewhere in between a legionary cohort and a reconnaissance cohort, the equestrian cohort is a mounted combat unit that is generally used for offensive actions as opposed to the slower legionary cohorts. This is especially important given the size of Kythira. They excel at breaking enemy formations and pursuing flanking forces.


A logistical cohort is a supporting unit, tasked with providing supplies, food and (construction) materials to legions. They are also responsible for organising the day-to-day duties in castles and fortresses.


Organisationally, there is only one medical cohort. It is stationed in Bear Island under the command of the Imperial Legate, but employs detachments throughout the legions and Kythira. The medical cohort is responsible for maintaining the physical and mental well-being of the legions.


An engineering cohort consists of demolition- and building experts. They excel at breaching fortifications and reinforcing their own. Currently, the only engineering cohort is, similarly to the medical cohort, employed throughout Kythira (under the command of Bear Island). It assists mainly in military construction (and occasionally civilian construction) , given the lack of enemy fortifications.


Although the fleet (Classis) of the Imperial Legion is only a few ships large and nowhere near the size of the Kythiran Navy, it provides the Legion with offshore artillery support and rapid transportation. Currently, most ships are docked at Lannisport.


Aside from the professional legionary troops, the Legion occasionally employs local mercenaries and auxiliary troops known as numeri. These units generally have their own command structure and are only loosely attached to the Legion's organisation. Depending on terrain and operational circumstances, the Legion hires a wide variety of units, including skirmishers, cavalrymen, shock troops and other specialised personnel.


A soldier's rank is usually made up of two parts: an hierarchic rank and a distinction of seniority. Depending on the situation, a soldier can be referred to as one of them separately (such as Centurion or First Rate), or combined, in which the distinction of seniority comes first and the hierarchic rank second (Triarius Centurion).

Hierarchic ranks

These ranks decide command hierarchy.

Imperial Legate (ILgt.)

There is only one Imperial Legate, and that is the supreme commander of the Imperial Legion. The Imperial Legate commands their legion of choice at the headquarters and is tasked with maintaining the overall readiness of the legion as well as directing their subordinate legionary legates.

Legionary Legate (LLgt.)

The legionary legate commands a single legion and is tasked with managing their fortress or castle. They exercise authority over a region and have relative autonomy in handling a wide variety of matters.

Tribune (Trbn.)

The tribune is the right-hand of a legate. In the event that legionary legate is absent or otherwise occupied, the tribune acts in their name and does whatever their legate commands. Whether that be commanding a patrol, overseeing construction, doing administrative work or something else.

Centurion (Ctrn.)

A centurion is responsible for a coherent unit of soldiers and is tasked with maintaining their discipline and combat readiness. A cohort is the lowest organisational unit that is typically deployed for regular assignments.

Legionary (Lgn.)

A legionary is an individual soldier with no command responsibilities, generally part of a cohort.

Distinctions of seniority

Additionally, a soldier holds a rank of seniority regardless of position. This is solely based on their service record and performance and influences their salary and status.

Aquilifer (AQ)

The highest honorary rank in the Legion, it is given to the greatest of soldiers.

Signifer (SI)

The second-highest rank, given to excellent and performant soldiers.

Imagnifer (IM)

A respected rank, given to veterans with at least ten years of service.

Triarius (TR)

The rank of a well-trained, experienced soldier with at least five years of service.

Princeps (PR)

The rank of an average, more experienced soldier. The vast majority of soldiers hold this rank and it is considered the benchmark towards all other ranks are measured.

Hastatus (HA)

The rank of a basic, inexperienced soldier.

Veles (VE)

The rank of a recruit. After passing a variety of training courses, an automatic promotion to Hastatus is granted.


Despite being the only professional military organisation in Minecraftia, critics have described the Legion as consisting of "armchair warriors". They argue that the Legion has not seen any form of conflict since its inception and has so far only been used for peacekeeping purposes. Notable high-ranking Kythiran officials have expressed their concerns about the Imperial Legion's performance in an actual large-scale conflict. Rüger Bantus, former Minister of Internal Affairs of Kythira, has said in an interview that "Despite the Legion's remarkable success with regards to supporting law-enforcement agencies and their superb training results, we have yet to see how they will react to actual combat situations."