Bear Island

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Bear Island
Founded during the reign of Coetzeeclan
Founded 5 AC
Attested by Emperor Coetzeeclan
Previous fortification Castle Mormont
Place in Minecraftia
Province Valyria
Nearby water Yes
— Stone Brick structure —
Built during the reign of Coetzeeclan
Built 5 AC
Shape Rectangular
Wall thickness 4 blocks
Stationed military units
Legio I Coetzee
  • 1st Legionary Cohort "Emperor's Finest"
  • 2nd Legionary Cohort "Heartlander Devils"
  • 1st Logistical Cohort
  • 4th Logistical Cohort
  • 1st Engineering Cohort
  • 1st Medical Cohort
  • 2nd Equestrian Cohort "Redstone Revengers"
  • 3rd Equestrian Cohort "Rough Reachmen"
  • 1st Recon Cohort
  • 2nd Recon Cohort
  • 4th Recon Cohort
  • Numeri
    Classis I Expeditio
    Site notes
    Condition Undamaged
    Controlled by Imperial Legion

    Bear Island is the Headquarters of the Imperial Legion of Kythira, located between Lannisport and Castle Harrenhal in the Province of Valyria.

    Originally it was nothing more than a small island on the Cape of Marsadini. During the Third Era however, after construction of the Castle of Harrenhal the Emperor decided to built a minor castle, consisting of little more than a two-bedroom tower known as Castle Mormont, on the Island to house PDeciusAgricola. After receiving it, Agricola soon began expanding the tower in cooperation with the building expertise of High Lord Whazajottom of Ardoragh. This included large walls, barracks, storage facilities and massive towers which eventually span the whole island.

    At the dawn of the Fourth Era, the Imperial Legion was founded here by Argicola, and it officially became its headquarters.