Red Keep

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Red Keep
Founded during the reign of King Whazajottom of Redstonia
Founded 0 AC
Abandoned 1 AC (exodus of the Redstonians to Ardoragh; annexed by Kythira in 4 AC)
Attested by Emperor Coetzeeclan
Place in Minecraftia
Province Peninsula of Peril
Nearby water Yes
— Stone Brick structure —
Built during the reign of King Whazajottom of Redstonia
Built 0 AC
Shape Rectangular
Wall thickness 4 blocks
Stationed military units
Legio III Ignis
  • 3rd Legionary Cohort "Riverlander Blitzers"
  • 5th Legionary Cohort "Guardians of Valyria"
  • 6th Legionary Cohort "Sabretooth"
  • 3rd Logistical Cohort
  • 1st Equestrian Cohort "Emperor's Vanguard"
  • 4th Equestrian Cohort "Chargers"
  • Numeri
    Redstonian Guardsmen
    Site notes
    Condition Renovated, in-use
    Controlled by Imperial Legion

    The Red Keep is a castle built in the center of the city of Redstonia. It is currently being manned by Legio III Ignis of the Imperial Legion of Kythira. Redstonia is the only city in which the Legion has a military presence inside the city itself. Interestingly, the town watch of the city falls under the command of Legio III - giving the military theoretical control over civil law enforcement, although no issues have been reported so far.

    Originally the castle held another name and was the home of King Whazajottom during the Second Era, as it was a fortress inside of a fortress. Noticeably, during much of the Second Era the world's first and only roller coaster stood atop the castle, but this was removed by Kythira during the city's reconstruction in the Third Era due to severe safety hazards.

    The castle holds several rooms, including a large hall meant primarily for feasts. Under the fortress lies a complex network of tunnels and rooms, used by the Redstonian Kingdom for storage and training, as well as to demonstrate their technological advantage. Many tunnels remain undiscovered, whereas other tunnels have been blindly removed to make room for the Kythiran Metro System, whatever treasures may have been in the removed rooms were never documented.