Kingdom of Redstonia

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Kingdom of Redstonia
Königreich Roterstein
Status Historical
Capital Redstonia
Official languages Redstonian
Ethnic groups Redstonian
Demonym Redstonian
Government Absolute monarchy
• King
Whazajottom Roterstein
Today part of Kythira

Redstonia was founded in the second era by Lord Whazajottom to escape the raids in the Riverlands. Redstonia quickly grew out to a city and the walls were set up, upon which the kingdom of Redstonia was born. Redstonia had a lot of trade with the other kingdoms and lands, this allowed Redstonia to expand and focus on the science or Redstone. The Kingdom of Redstonia quickly had a lot of advancements over the other kingdoms, and with the creation of the Redstonian cannons it quickly became a world power.

Redstonia however rarely attacked. Every now and then they were involved in a raid on the Riverlands, and furthermore it mostly just profited from the war between Kythira and Helmsdeep. Kythira once laid siege to Redstonia which never succeeded. They were unable to get through the walls or the highly advanced lock that was build to enter Redstonia. The trenches are still in front of the walls to this day.

One day, the Kingdom of Redstonia decided to side with Helmsdeep against Kythira. The Redstonian cannons fired towards Kythira, while the forces of Helmsdeep invaded the city. During this siege, the Redstonian forces turned around to lay Helmsdeep into ashes. The hidden caches of TNT all around the two were activated, and within moments nearly both Kythira and Helmsdeep had fallen. Upon the destruction of the kingdoms, Helmsdeep noticed it was all lost, and went on to raid the Riverlands one last time. Which destroyed nearly all to be found here. This is known to be the Great Grief.

After the Great Grief nearly everything in the known world was destroyed, and trade came to an end in Minecraftia. So after a while the remaining Redstonians left the city, leaving it abandoned. King Whazajottom traveled westwards, to find new lands. The city itself was left in a near perfect state. It didn't have any damages from the Great Grief.

In the Third Era, when CoetzeeClan emerged from the bunkers, he founded the Empire, and claimed the city of Redstonia and it's lands into the Empire. Naming the lands the Peninsula of Peril.

The reconstructions in Redstonia have always been troublesome, there was Redstone and TNT to be found all around, every now and then something suddenly exploded during constructions.