Castra Pretoria

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Castra Pretoria
Alternative name(s) Castle Aquilon
Known also as Castle Aquilon
Founded 0 AC
Abandoned 0 AC (destruction of Castle Aquilon - renovated in 6 AC)
Attested by Emperor Coetzeeclan
Previous fortification Castle Aquilon
Place in Minecraftia
Province Riverlands
Nearby water Yes
— Stone Brick structure —
Built during the reign of Coetzeeclan
Built 6 AC
Shape Rectangular
Wall thickness 4 blocks
Stationed military units
Legio II Fidelis

4th Legionary Cohort "Swampers of Oldspawn"

2nd Logistical Cohort
3rd Recon Cohort
Site notes
Condition Renovated, in-use
Controlled by Imperial Legion

Castra Pretoria, originally known as the Castle of Aquilon, was built by Republic during the Second Era in the Riverlands, at the time known as the Spawnlands. Originally serving as a defense against raids from the Kingdom of Helmsdeep, it later became the headquarters of the short-lived United Federation of Provinces. After the fall of this state and consequent disappearance of the Federation's ruler, First Consul Republic, it came under control of Helmsdeep and together with Redstonia they filled the castle up with rare bedrock, making it unusable. Atop, a giant Blue-crossed flag, the banner of Helmsdeep, stood in deviance and as a warning to the inhabitants of the Spawnlands.

During the Third Era the castle was renovated by the Empire of Kythira and plans were made to have it become either a public park or a tourist attraction. However, after a suggestion from the PDeciusAgricola it came to house the Legion inside of the Riverlands instead.