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The The Imperius Reich is located on the east of The Kythiran Empire and spans the whole continent of Eastera

The Empire was founded from a large portion of the survivors of the Great Grief During the beginning of the Third Era, It was founded By the Jarl Borous of Blackwater Base. He together with other members of the Unific Order Founded the the Imperius Reich. With this the scattered groups of Eastera were united into one Autocratic Union State. Shortly after this Borous Was automatically elected as Kaiser Of the Imperius Territories that was now known as the Imperius Reich.

The Reich's main seat of power is located in the Eagles Reach inside the Reich's capital: Imperia

The Reich is split up in multiple provinces and each Ruled by its own chancellors who stand only beneath the Kaiser himself. The territories outside these provinces are refereed to as the Farlands and are subdue to strip mining by the Reich and are often found to be the source of conflict against the outer provinces.