House Viromaro

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Royal Family
House Viromaro Coat of Arms.png
Country Empire of Kythira

Castle Fuertera - Family Keep

Fort Winterhal - Palace in Helmira

Fort Summerhal - Palace in Alcanzar

The Cottage - Home in Alralysva

Terrasse Hus - Ardoraghi mountain home

Hoytre Manor - Island with manor in western Ardoragh

Lord of the Spawnlands - First Era

King of Kythira - Second and Third Era

Emperor of Kythira - Fourth Era
Style(s) His Imperial Highness
Founded c. 0 AC
Founder Squarepantstoo Viromaro
Final ruler Coetzeeclan Viromaro
Current head Coetzeeclan Viromaro
Motto Blood and Gold
Ethnicity Camurian

The House Viromaro has played a central role in the history of Minecraftia, especially after they established the Kingdom of Kythira at the end of the First Era. It is the longest reigning royal family in the history of Minecraftia, with its members being the current rulers of the Empire of Kythira. They are also the wealthiest noble House in Minecraftia, which is displayed by their extravagant lifestyles.



The founder of the Viromaro Family, Lord Squarepantstoo Viromaro, discovered the world of Minecraftia at the beginning of the First Era. It was his son however, Coetzeeclan Viromaro, who would bring the family into glory, when he moved out of the Spawnlands, into the King's Mountains, where he constructed a small stone-house, which would be the foundation of the new Kingdom of Kythira. With their new-found status of royalty the Viromaros became prominent in both the Spawnlands, with a dominating treehouse owned by Squarepantstoo and several other large properties, as well as the ever expanding new Kingdom.

The Viromaro dynasty's rise was temporarily halted after their defeat during the Valley Lands War. Much of their wealth had been hoarded and evacuated from the Kingdom's capital, but has been lost ever since.


After the Great Grief ushered in the Minecraftian Dark Age Poppedyn Viromaro, sister of Coetzeeclan Viromaro, disappeared. The remaining Viromaros went into hiding, taking shelter in the former Redstone Alliance Headquarters north of Oldspawn.


Historically House Viromaro has been known for their focus on international diplomacy and their displays of wealth. They were behind the formation of the first International Embassy, as well as the Minecraftia Forum that succeeded it. Internationally they have however earned a reputation of using diplomatic deals and false-flag attacks in order to improve Kythira's position.

Internally, they began a policy of appeasement with the Von Roterstein family, allowing them to usurp more and more power in both the Empire and the Golden Province of Ardoragh in particular, allowing the continued unity of the Empire to become less and less certain.


Squarepantstoo Viromaro:

Prince Squarepantstoo spend most of his life living in the Spawnlands. He lived in a large tree house, on the spot where today Hotel Oldspawn is located. During the Third Era, Emperor Coetzeeclan granted him his own tower in Castle Fuertera. Wanting to establish a land of his own however, Lord Squarepantstoo moved into the Narrow Sea, where he build a large artificial island on top of an ancient Redstonian colony. During a series of extraordinary great storms, this island-state however fell into the Sea, and Lord Squarepantstoo was never seen again.

Poppedyn Viromaro:

Princess Poppedyn Viromaro spend all of her life living in the Spawnlands, being financially supported by Lord Squarepantstoo. A true Viromaro, she would spend much of her days constructing lavish villas, the greatest of which would later be levelled, and the town of Golden-Grove near Oldspawn was built on top of it. Lady Poppedyn went missing during the Great Grief, which hit Oldspawn the worst, and is presumed dead.

Coetzeeclan Viromaro:

Emperor Coetzeeclan Viromaro is the current patriarch of the House of Viromaro. He is a man with black hair, brown eyes and a beard, who is usually seen with either his red military uniform or his white-purple imperial robes. He barely involves himself with politics anymore, preferring to surround himself with luxury in one of his many palaces.

Distant relatives:

Borous von Dragestein:

Kaiser Borous von Dragestein is a distant family member of Emperor Coetzeeclan Viromaro. Due to their relative age, Kaiser Borous was expected to legally inherit the Kythiran throne after the Viromaro Dynasty would end. Seeking to prevent this, Coetzeeclan Viromaro made the Von Roterstein family Princes of Kythira and heirs to the throne.

House Von Dragestein is however still legally allowed to call themselves Kythiran Princes, and they will inherit the family estates if House Viromaro goes extinct.