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The Mercenary Bank is the largest financial institution of Minecraftia. An organization involved in all parts of life, it funds governments and citizens alike. Named after the ruler of the Kingdom of Helmsdeep, it has its headquarters in the converted former palace and throne-room of Helmsdeep, known as the Sverdpalass. Its flag is a golden circle on a white mountain, symbolizing its location. The vault of the Mercenary Bank is at a highly secret location in Minecraftia, in order to protect the contents from theft and thus to protect the economy of Minecraftia. Other offices of the bank can be found in major cities and locations across Minecraftia.

The Bank provides loans to the people of Minecraftia, at an interest rate of 20%. Furthermore, it acts as a middleman in all financial transactions across the world. In the Kythiran Empire, every transaction is taxed with 30% by the Kythiran Crown.

The Mercenary Bank holds the world's Kythiran Florynts, which is a finite amount of F 100,000,000 in total. This is split across the world in the following manner:

Mercenary Bank Reserves:

F 47,000,000

Imperius Treasury:

F 25,000,000

Viromaro Family:

F 20,000,000

Kythiran Treasury:

F 3,750,000

Roterstein Family:

F 2,000,000

Dragestein Family:

F 1,500,000

Ulv Family:

F 500,000

Hjerte Family:

F 250,000