Dervich Incident

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The Dervich Incident was a conflict between the empires of Imperius and Kythira during the Fourth Era, bringing Minecraftia to the closest it has been to a world war since the Second Era.


After the Imperius Navy introduced a large Battlecruiser Submarine the Kythiran Imperial Navy started the development of the Apep-Class Mini-Submarine, the number of which eventually totaled into the hundreds. During a trial run in the Northern Sea one Mini-Submarine was lost near the Imperius coast due to an unexplained explosion. Another Mini-Submarine was immediately dispatched to investigate the location and potentially salvage the wreckage, but upon arrival it was intercepted by a Imperius Battlecruiser Submarine. Upon attempting to break free from the Imperius submarine the Kythiran Mini-Submarine broke apart, leaving only one survivor, Petty Officer Jornis Von Krim. He managed to reach the lifeboat, but was eventually chased down and shot on an island in the Northern Sea by Imperius soldiers.

Chaos Errupts

When the destruction of the submarine was discovered by the Kythiran Imperial Government the results were immediate. All trade was blocked between Imperius and Kythira, the Imperius ambassador was expelled whilst the Kythiran ambassador was recalled, and the Kythiran Navy was put on standbye, including dispatching tens of special stealth mini-submarines, known as the Wolfpack, deep into Imperius waters, fully stacked with weapons and TNT, in order to give a direct strike ability if war would commence.

On the coast near Marsadini two large Imperius ships, part of the Imperius Trade Federation, were boarded by personnel of the Imperius Navy, disguised as members of the coastguard. The crew was taken for questioning and never seen again, whilst her captain, Corporal Dervich of Neurvikstad, was taken to the White-Gold Tower dungeon, after which he was moved between prisons across Kythira, after Imperius Intelligence Agencies attempted to break him out of his prison in the southern plains of Alcanzar. Dervich was tried and sentenced to death in absentia, and the execution orders were eventually completed in the southern forests of Ardoragh during a prison transport. His body was immediately cremated and the ashes send to the Kythiran Deputy Ambassador Eisberck.

The latter was sent to meet with the Imperius Ambassador during a classified meeting in the Narrow Sea to discuss the missing Imperius trade ships - which in reality had been taken by the Kythiran Imperial Navy into the Mediori Sea, where they were receiving a refitting program.

During the meeting the Kythiran Deputy-Ambassador presented the Imperius Ambassador with the ashes of Dervich, as well as a personal invitation of the Kythiran Emperor, inviting Emperor Borous to Helmira. Though shocked after opening the chest with ashes, they took the remains with them to reunite it with his family, and accepted the invitation.

After arriving in Helmira the Emperor of Imperius was taken to the guesthouse for foreign dignitaries in Helmira, the Villa Altojardin. His staff, including the Grand Marshal of Imperius, were taken to the Hotel Ye Olde Tower. Whilst the Kaiser met with Kythiran officials in Villa Altojardin the Grand Marshal of Imperius was taken out of his hotel room and arrested, interrogated in the White-Gold Tower dungeons and taken to a secret prison in western Ardoragh.


During the several days of talks between the Emperors of Kythira and Imperius, the Treaty of Altojardin was eventually established, which included:

  • The Wolfpack Submarines would immediately be returned to Kythiran waters
  • The Kythiran Navy had to return one of the two Imperius Trade Federation ships
  • A Channel would be constructed to connect the Northern Sea and Narrow Sea
  • Imperius would remove all her mines spread across the Narrow Sea
  • Dervich's family would be financially compensated
  • The Grand Marshal of Imperius would be released from prison and returned to the Imperius Reich
  • Imperius would hand over the majority of the island of Granisla, the largest island in the Southern Sea, situated at a remote but extremely strategic location, to Kythira

Kythiran Perspective

The official Kythiran perspective on the Dervich Incident, which they call the Von Krim Murder, states that the Imperius Reich murdered several sailors of the Kythiran Imperial Navy in an attempt to provoke the Kythirans into engaging in a war. Several reports of sources within the Imperius government stated in the Kythiran Times that the mutilated body of the Kythiran martyr Von Krim was dragged through the streets of Imperia in a display of barbarity.

The Kythirans, who wanted to solve the situation diplomatically, prohibited the arrival of Imperius civilians on Kythiran territory to prevent another callous murder. However, the ships operated by Mr Dervich under the Imperius Trade Federation tried to continue smuggling goods into the Empire. When this was discovered by the Kythiran Coast Guard, Mr Dervich was arrested and, for his own protection, transported to a secure luxurious holding facility in southern Ardoragh. However, when a group of Imperius spies tried to free Mr Dervich from his temporary housing he died in the ensuing fight between his guards and the Imperius spies.

In a display of true honour, the Kythiran Deputy-Ambassador made sure that Mr Dervich's remains were send back to his family in Imperius, and humbly invited the Kaiser, known for his bad manners, for a diplomatic meeting in the Holy City of Helmira.

There, in awe of the grandeur of Helmira, the Imperius Government subsided, and agreed to all demands of reparations made by the Crown.

Again, peace was restored to Minecraftia thanks due to the stoic leadership of the great Kythiran Empire.