The Holy Cee

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The Church of the Holy Cee, symbolized by a giant ‘C’, is the state religion in the Kythiran Empire. The head of the Church of the Holy Cee is the Kythiran Emperor. Each Kythiran Province has a designated Bishop, who is tasked with maintaining the churches and cathedrals within their Province, spreading the religious teachings and welcoming new members.


The Church of the Holy Cee was founded in the Third Era as a response to the Church of Satanism that existed during the Second Era in the Kingdom of Helmsdeep.


According to the mythology of the Church of the Holy Cee, Coetzeeclan Viromaro died at the end of the Second Era due to the dark armies of the Kingdom of Helmsdeep, who were led by the teachings of the Helmsdeep Church of Satanism, which was headquartered in what is now the White-Gold Tower. However, seeing the chaos and famine of the Minecraftian Dark Ages, God decided to resurrect Viromaro with the purpose of uniting all of Minecraftia once and for all. Followers of the Church are taught to be loyal to Viromaro and to help in achieving Minecraftian Unity, which is God’s will. The godless inhabitants of the Imperius Reich are considered infidels who must be assimilated into the Church.