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The Redstone Alliance was a supranational semi-secret organization that existed during the Second Era. Created as an alliance between the three most powerful kingdoms of that time; Helmsdeep, Redstonia and Kythira, its primary goal was to promote peace between the kingdoms.

The Kingdom of Kythira constructed a council hall as well as a tower on its tallest mountain as a tribute to the Alliance. Furthermore, after Kythiran scouts discovered Minecraftia's first stronghold north of Oldspawn, they refitted it to become a secret headquarters of the Alliance.

The formation of the Alliance increased the Raids on the Riverlands, which in turn resulted in the creation of several counter-organizations. These were the Federation of Provinces, the Rebel Alliance, and the TNT Alliance.

The Federation of Provinces attempted to unite the Riverlands under one banner, but ultimately collapsed when their castle was taken by the Redstone Alliance and their president was executed.

The Rebel Alliance operated in secret, fighting a guerilla war against the Redstone Alliance, whilst their leader, Lord Vinkhuys, always managed to evade capture. For a short time they held Fort Spawnkeep, but a force of Helmsdeep soldiers managed to capture the fort, although the Rebel Alliance members managed to escape through a secret tunnel.

The TNT Alliance never openly clashed with the Redstone Alliance, being too distant for the Redstone Alliance member states to consider worthwhile.

The Alliance managed to maintain an unstable peace between the three kingdoms, until it was disbanded shortly before the Great Grief.