Victormare Incident

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The Victormare Incident was an incident during the Fourth Era, which is still developing.


A young trader from Solleria, Alcanzar, purchased a ship from the Minecraftia Forum, a former Peacekeeper, used during the Southern Sea Disaster. Planning to use the ship to trade with Imperius, with his new Solleria Shipping Company, hopefully opening up the Alcanzari economy to foreign trade, he stocked the ship with an inexperienced crew of twenty Alcanzari, renamed it the Victormare, and had it set sail to the Imperius Mainland.

The ship however never arrived at Dorwall, which would have been her first stop. After the Kythiran authorities were informed about this, the ship was eventually discovered by Imperius Naval Vessels, who found it had been sunk after striking an old Imperius seamine.

The Inquiries

Emperor Viromare immediately send a colonel from the Narrow Sea fleet on behalf of the Major-General of said fleet to have talks with the Kaiser of Imperius about the sinking. The latter declared he would issue an internal investigation, but refused to let the KBI, or Kythiran Investigative Bureau, into Imperius to have her own line of research. The Kaiser did share his knowledge that those responsible for cleaning up the mines were now relocated to the Imperius Northern Mines.

Following this refusal, rumors have it the Kythiran government send a KIA, or Kythiran Intelligence Agency, agent incognito into Imperius. After travelling by boat to Imperia and from there to Omnevik. Afterwards, he walked to Eisenturm, where, according to Imperius sources, he befriended a local guard, with whom he walked the long, treacherous terrain north towards the mines. After arriving at the mines, according to Imperius but denied by the Kythirans, he murdered the guard in order to tie up any loose ends, and went into the mines as a Imperius citizen looking for work.

Here, he befriended a herr Kjetil Rønsund, former Imperius navy officer and now employee of the mines, working on the development of experimental explosives. Striking a deal with Rønsund, they travelled together to the Kythiran mainland.

The Deal and Testimony

In Helmira, the KIA agent and Rønsund brokered a deal in the Hotel Voyage, ensuring the latter's testimony in exchange for a 5000 GDE payment and the lease of Villa Miami in the Riverlands.

The Testimony declared that the Imperius Government had been extremely negligent, leaving a large number of Imperius Seamines armed on the seabed of the Narrow Sea, despite the Treaty of Altojardin, made after the Dervich incident, strictly prohibiting such mines.

Double crossed

After confronting the Imperius kaiser with the testimony, the Kythiran Government made their demands in the White-Gold Tower:

  • Pay the Solleria Shipping Company 20,000 GDE (1000 GDE per lost soul)
  • Pay the Kythiran Crown 100,000 GDE for breaking the Treaty of Altojardin
  • Raise the Victormare from the Narrow Sea and return it to Alcanzar
  • Remove all remaining mines from the seas of Minecraftia

Instead of accepting these demands, the Imperius Kaiser declared that Rønsund was a Imperius spy. When Imperial Guards from the Kythiran Legion were send to the Villa Miami to apprehend Rønsund, the latter escaped through a unmarked zeppelin, flying off to an unknown location. Searching the villa itself let to the discovery of a diary, which detailed that the Victormare was sunk by an experimental weapon, and that the seamines had been a means of distracting from that fact.