Unification of Westeria

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The Unification occurred after the Minecraftian Dark Ages ended with the start of the Third Era. It was the unification of all lands and kingdoms from the First- and Second Era as well as all lands west of the Narrow Sea and the 1150-line.

In exchange for having him colonize the west of Westeria, then-King Coetzeeclan Viromaro pardoned Whazajottom Von Roterstein for his participation in the Great Grief. This ultimately led to the creation of the Province of Ardoragh, with Whazajottom Von Roterstein being named High-Lord.

During the Treaty of Blackwater, in exchange for Blackwater Base, Borous Von Dragestein's castle from the Second Era, King Viromaro granted Von Dragestein a small island east of Redstonia, which he named Dorwall. Viromaro also granted Dragestein all lands of Eastera, being all lands east of the Narrow Sea and the 1150-line.

After these events King Coetzeeclan Viromaro named his new formed land the Kythiran Empire, of which he crowned himself Emperor.