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22 September 2023

  • 09:3909:39, 22 September 2023 diff hist +415 N The LighthouseCreated page with "The Lighthouse is the formal office of the mayor of Helmira. Originally, when the Bay of Splendour was the second largest harbor of the Kingdom of Helmsdeep, this building functioned as both a watchtower and lighthouse simultaneously. === Current Use === Although having a separate office in Helmira’s City Hall, the Lighthouse is both older and closer to the White Gold Tower, and is therefore often preferred." current Tag: Visual edit

21 September 2023

26 August 2023

14 August 2023

12 August 2023

  • 22:0122:01, 12 August 2023 diff hist +4,212 N The Raggisar RevolutionCreated page with "During the final days of the Fourth Era, as peace talks were held to solve the international crisis caused by the Dervich Incident, tensions were running high in Villa Altojardin, in the Kythiran capital city of Helmira. In the middle of one of the conferences, a battalion of the Helmiran Imperial City Guard rushed into the Villa Altojardin, neutralised the Kaiser's bodyguards, and formally arrested Kaiser Borous Von Dragestein for breaking the Treaty of the King's Keep...." Tag: Visual edit

5 August 2023

  • 21:1721:17, 5 August 2023 diff hist +1,001 m Duchy of Lotric→‎Fall of the Duchy current Tag: Visual edit
  • 18:1618:16, 5 August 2023 diff hist −13 m The Battle of the Narrow StraitNo edit summary current Tag: Visual edit
  • 18:1018:10, 5 August 2023 diff hist +3,111 N The Battle of the Narrow StraitCreated page with "In the age of medieval times, when the kingdoms of Kythira and Imperius clashed, the Narrow Strait stood as a crucial passage between the Narrow Sea and the Southern Sea. A formidable sea fort, strategically placed in the strait, guarded Kythira's borders and ensured its enemies couldn't freely traverse its waters. One fateful night, under the cloak of darkness and a tempestuous storm, the Imperius Navy, led by the cunning Admiral Octavius, launched a surprise attack on..." Tag: Visual edit
  • 18:0918:09, 5 August 2023 diff hist +2,045 N Duchy of LotricCreated page with "The Duchy of Lotric was a powerful land during the Third Era, ruled by the Ancient House Mace. It was situated in the Imperius Reich. == Founding == The Duchy of Lotric began as House Mace, an Ancient House who had been allies with House Von Dragestein since the First Era and who together had survived the Dark Ages in Dragonhold. After the founding of the Imperius Reich, House Mace was one of the leading forces of the Unific Order. His expansionism and explorations too..." Tag: Visual edit

26 July 2023

19 July 2023

17 July 2023

11 July 2023

10 July 2023

  • 22:1222:12, 10 July 2023 diff hist +3,033 N Grand Duke Ramon of RedstoniaCreated page with "Grand Duke Ramon of Redstonia was a figure of great valor, strategic brilliance, and unwavering dedication to the Kingdom of Redstonia. As the esteemed Grand Duke and General, he played a pivotal role in defending and safeguarding the realm during its most challenging times. Ramon was renowned for his military acumen and commanding presence. With a formidable stature and a gaze that conveyed both authority and compassion, he inspired respect and loyalty among the soldie..." current Tag: Visual edit
  • 22:0922:09, 10 July 2023 diff hist +3,381 m RedstoniaNo edit summary current Tag: Visual edit

25 June 2023

24 June 2023

28 May 2023

7 May 2023

6 May 2023

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