Battle of Castle Aquilon

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Battle of Castle Aquilon
Part of Raids on the Riverlands
LocationCastle Aquilon, The Riverlands (nowadays Castra Pretoria)
Result Decisive Redstone Alliance victory. Dissolution of the United Federation of Provinces and the near-total destruction of Castle Aquilon.
None; Riverlands unclaimed by any particular state

Redstone Alliance

  • Kingdom of Helmsdeep
  • Kingdom of Kythira
  • Kingdom of Redstonia
United Federation of Provinces
Commanders and leaders
  • King Mercenary
  • King Coetzeeclan
  • King Whazajottom
  • Consul Republic
  • Units involved
  • Helmsdeep assault squad
  • Kythiran assault squad
  • Redstonian Artillery Corps
  • United Federation of Provinces Army
  • Riverlander mercenaries
  • Strength
    Multiple squads, including the entire Redstonian Artillery Corps Remnants and skirmish survivors
    Casualties and losses
    Small number of attacking forces killed Majority of the entire garrison fled or captured - small number killed during skirmishes and artillery bombardment

    The Battle of Castle Aquilon was the final battle between the Redstone Alliance raiders and the defending United Federation of Provinces. The attack was planned in the keep atop Helmsdeep, after which the military forces of the Kingdom of Redstonia, Kingdom of Kythira and the Kingdom of Helmsdeep moved to the Riverlands, hiding in the abandoned outpost of Blackwater Base - Blackwater Base coincidentally being the only base in the Riverlands which was never raided. From there, they observed Castle Aquilon, waiting for the right moment to strike. As dusk arrived, the forces of Helmsdeep moved in. Fierce fighting broke out between the castle's garrison (consisting of remnants of the U.F.P. Army and Riverlander mercenaries) and the attackers. Even though Castle Aquilon was massively outnumbered, Helmsdeep was unable to successfully besiege the fortress.

    However, the arrival of the Redstonian Artillery Corps ended the stalemate; an artillery barrage tore down the castle's walls and the attackers began their assault. Outnumbered and outgunned, the defenders were slaughtered and their morale quickly broken. The majority of both the Riverlander mercenaries and the volunteer army fled the battle and disbanded into the outskirts.

    The few spoils of war were divided between the victors. Helmsdeep, with help from Redstonia, made sure that the Federation castle would be unusable in the future, preventing the return of a unified Riverlands.