Kythiran Senate

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The Kythiran Senate, formerly known as the Provincial Council, is an advisory body of the government of the Kythiran Empire, and generally considered the Kythiran House of Representatives. It resides in the Senate Hall within the White-Gold Tower.


The Kythiran Senate's purpose is to both discuss and vote on proposed legislation, be representative of the six provinces, advise the Emperor and issue motions urging the Emperor to take or refrain from taking certain actions. Certain members of the Kythiran Senate, at the Emperor's discretion, are allowed to partake in the Kythiran War Council.

There are 16 Grand Seats, meant for leaders of the six provinces and industry leaders from within the Empire. Each Grand Seat is worth two votes. Furthermore, there are 16 Petite Seats, which are meant for representatives of Kythira's citizens. All the citizens of each province can vote for a total of two representatives in the Kythiran Senate, totaling 12 seats. The remaining four Petite Seats are reserved for people invited by the Emperor. Each Petite Seat is worth one vote.