Province of Camuria

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Valyria is a Golden Province between the Heartlands and the Reach. Its capital city is Lannisport, formerly the Helmsdeep Colony of Marsadini. The province is primarily focused around the cape of Marsadini, which holds Lannisport, Bear Island and Harrenhal. It is also a vital lifeline for the Empire's unity, having all public transport systems next to the Valyrian sea that connect Ardoragh with the rest of Kythira. It also holds two small towns, a Kytiran Army camp and several fortresses.

Valyria houses two important Kythiran organizations: The Imperial Mining Company, which has a monopoly on large scale mining projects in the Empire, and the Imperial Legion.

It is currently ruled by High Lord Potfox, although in his absence the Emperor rules in his state. The seat of power in Valyria is Castle Dragonstone, a fortress towering over Lannisport that also houses the Imperial Mining Company.