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The map of Minecraftia.

Minecraftia is a mostly creative Minecraft world, which main activity consist of building and admiring buildings. If you are interested in joining, please look at the bottom of this page on how to contact us.

All three nations in Minecraftia during the Fifth Era

On this site you can find the most comprehensive collection of information of the world of Minecraftia currently available. All information is based on eyewitness accounts, the historical epic 'Historia', archaeological digs, and on-site verification.


There are three internationally recognised countries in Minecraftia

The Kythiran Empire

Minecraftia during the Fourth Era

Minecraftia's oldest and largest nation, ruled by House Viromaro. A constitutional monarchy made up of six smaller kingdoms.

The Raggisar Republic

Known as the Imperius Reich from the Third until the end of the Fourth Era, this republic today is the largest democracy in Minecraftia.

The Aqumis Republic

An independent republic located in the south of Minecraftia, spread out over a series of tropical islands.


Mythic Era

First Era

First large settlements in Attica. Time of Overlords and peasants.

Second Era

Minecraftia's first three Kingdoms are established. They fight several wars, unite under a secret alliance until ultimately all fall to the Great Grief.

Minecraftian Dark Ages

The Old World is largely destroyed, warlords fight over the remains of the former kingdoms and the lands beyond. Survivors of one kingdom flee west. At the end of the Dark Ages a Kythiran army reemerges from their underground fortress. They conquer the Old World, strike a deal with House Von Dragestein, who go on to establish the Imperius Reich, and welcome Ardoragh into their newly founded Kythiran Empire.

Third Era

The Kythiran Empire and the Imperius Reich continue to expand, settling new lands, building new cities and improving upon the old ones.

Fourth Era

Fifth Era

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