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|common_name =        Imperius Reich
|common_name =        Imperius Reich
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|status =            <!--Status of country, especially useful for micronations-->
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|image_flag =        Flag_of_Imperius.svg
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Imperius Reich
Official languages
  • Riverlandish
  • Redstonian
  • Low Riverlandish
Ethnic groups
  • Dorwallian
  • Imperian
  • Numar
  • Demonym Imperian
    Government Elected absolute monarchy
    • Kaiser
    • Colonization of the island of Dorwall
    3 AC
    • The Great March East
    4 AC
    • Establishment of the Imperius Reich
    4 AC
    Currency Green Dragon Emerald (GDE)
    Kaiser of Imperius
    Borous Von Dragestein
    since 4 AC
    Style his Majesty
    Heir presumptive None
    First monarch Borous of Blackwater
    Formation 4 AC

    The Imperius Reich is a sovereign nation-state spanning the whole of the Continent of Eastera.

    Due to the acts of the Unific Order during the formation of the Reich, Imperius acts, despite its size, more like a single nation body instead of the more decentralized system Kythira has. With each province acting as a direct hand of the Imperius Government. Due to this high level of control over each of its provinces, Imperius has reached a level of stability on such a scale that comparisons can has rarely be made to other nations.

    This high level of control and stability is of course then used to its greatest extent under the rule of Kaiser Borous, As Imperius has managed to quickly become a center of Industrial ingenuity and development.

    Due to this Imperius has often become a target of Kythiran espionage and at times even direct sabotage, Events such as the Dervich Incident have made it so that Imperius now keeps highly precise documentation of Civilian movements throughout the Reich in an attempt to weed out possible Kythiran Spies.

    Despite this, Imperius does keep healthy trading relations with the Kythiran Empire, Mainly via It’s capital Imperia. Where in countless of Trading ships Arrive and leave at it’s ports daily

    It is often believed that many aspects of Imperius culture have came forth from high concentrations of trade with the Kythiran Province of Ardoragh.


    The Imperius Reich began in the Third Era, as the Empire of Imperius. After Coetzeeclan, the Emperor of Kythira, had started to unify and rebuild the Old World, a group of Riverlanders, led by Borous of Castle Blackwater, requested the Kythiran Emperor to allow them to form their own independent nation. This request was granted by the Emperor, and he bestowed upon them the small desert island of Dorwall, just off the coast of the Fortress City of Redstonia, as well as all lands of Eastera, the unexplored continent east of the Narrow Sea. In return, Kythira received the Castle of Blackwater, which they considered a historical structure.

    Setting sail towards the island, they used their boats to construct the first homes, which eventually would transform into the town of Dorwall. Whilst Kythira was working on making the Old World a unified whole, the people of Imperius began the Great March East, colonizing vast plots of Eastera, before that unexplored. Forming numerous towns and cities, eventually the lands colonized became so vast they matched Kythira in size.


    Imperia - Capital of the Imperius Reich

    Government and Politics

    Unlike the Empire of Kythira, the Imperius Reich has an elected monarch with full autocratic power. The seat of power, Eagles Reach, inside the capital city of Imperia, is where national and international matters are discussed and deliberated upon. Though several peace treaties with the Kythiran Empire exist, conflicts between the two nations are relatively common, often resulting in new treaties and sometimes the annexation of territory.

    The Imperius Reich is split into several provinces, each ruled by a chancellor who, semi-independently, reports only to the Kaiser, similar to the High-Lord system of Kythira.


    Whilst the Kythiran military is primarily split among separate armies, each under the control of their respective High-Lord, the Imperius military is one unified force, which in terms of manpower far outmatches the Kythirans. The Imperius military is also one of the most well funded in the world in terms of research and development, constantly bringing new types of weaponry and technological advancements to Minecraftia. This often results in military standoffs between the nations, but so far a full war has never occurred between the Empires. For this, leading scholars have several theories:

    The Trauma Theory

    The Trauma Theory states that the two Empires never have engaged in full war due to fears of repeating the events of the Great Grief.

    The Sea Theory

    The Sea Theory states that the two Empires never have engaged in full war due to the Narrow Sea preventing a land army from quick mobilization into foreign territory, unlike the Great Grief and the numerous wars in the Second Era, all of which were fought on the same continent. Furthermore, the strong naval presence and coastal defenses of both nations make an invasion even more dangerous to accomplish.

    The Trade Theory

    The Money Theory states that the two Empires never have engaged in full war due to it endangering trade between the two nations, making warfare not financially viable.

    The Expanse Theory

    The Expanse Theory states that the two Empires never have engaged in full war due to both empires having reached such large sizes that resource wars are as of yet unnecessary, compared to the Second Era, where there were both more and smaller nation-states, resulting in the need for territorial expansion or raids in order to survive.


    Due to it’s harsh landscape, in the past it has often been found that the reich was highly difficult to traverse. Because of this most long distance travel is done via the seas and rivers, However these may be less usable during the cold winters of Imperius. Therefore a large road system has formed overtime which connects all major cities, towns and Industrial centers. However due to the expansive nature of the reich, It is highly recommended to always travel in groups. as even though the crime rates in the Reich are low, There is an abundance of predatory Animals including Bears, Packs of wolves and llamas.  


    Though originally having a primitive trading system, the Imperius Reich today stands as a industrial superpower. The national currency is the GDE or Green Dragon Emerald, provided by the stateless Mercenary Bank. The world's largest trade organization hails from Imperius, operating the largest ships in Minecraftia's history. Where Imperius is rich in resources, Kythira is extremely wealthy, making the two natural trading partners.

    Where the Kythiran Empire's industry is split between government mandated monopolistic provinces, where the Crown makes money primarily through levies, the Imperius Empire has a more unified industry, primarily focused on raw natural resources.

    Whilst the Kythiran Empire has barely moved into their Farlands, preferring to stay within their borders, the Imperians are in constant conflict with theirs, using them to extract tons of resources through strip-mining these foreign lands.

    This has caused several conflicts between the Eagles Reach and the Minecraftia Forum, the latter fearing human rights abuses, as the farlands fall outside of Imperius law.

    Geography & Wildlife

    The reich consists mostly of Mountainous landscapes with snowy peaks and densely forested vales,

    The most commonly found type of dense woodland in the Reich are coniferous forests, these usually take place on Mountains, Foothills and Bogs.

    Due to the Scale of the Reich there is a large variety to be found,

    A comprehensive list of the different types forest can be found here:


    In the Midtlanded of the Reich, the soils are often found to have high levels of acid. This type of soil is commonly referred to as podzol and the trees that grow here are mostly Large Spruce and Pine trees, this combined with a consistent weather cycle of periods of rain followed by dense fog ensures that this area, despite the acid soils, is always full of life.


    Because of the Horizontally dominant landscape of the Flatelanden, it’s nearly fully vegetated by the Common spruce, Due to the high amount of practical applications for spruce log certain parts of the forests here are cut, shortly after new saplings are planted to ensure the continued existence of the forests here.

    Despite the many types of Forests, the most present types of smaller plant life is relatively the same throughout the Reichs Expanse.

    different types of flora and fauna can be found here:


    The most dominant species of tree in the Reich is the Common spruce, Picea abies. It and sub-species of it are found over the intitery of the Reich. It has both practical value and cultural, as its prominence was noticed during early expeditions into Easterra.


    Second to the spruce is the Common Pine, Pinus sylvestris.

    However often mistaken for regular spruce trees due to both species often growing in the same environment, these are in fact a separate species of tree.


    Often found bordering the transition from coniferous trees to deciduous trees, the Birch, Betula pubescens has been an essential part to the Reich since Its early formation. This was due to the discovery that the bark of the tree could be used as an excellent material to isolate the roofs of houses by offering a near fully waterproof texture. Something that still is of great value in the rainy climate the Reich has.


    Common throughout all of Minecraftia, The oak, Quercus, has been a vital part of construction since the very dawn of time. This tree is mostly used for the outer structure of buildings, Ships and tools due to its overall hard and robust qualities.

    Official Languages

    Being a people originating from the Riverlands in Westeria, they share the same languages as the Kythirans, these being:

    Riverlandish: Based on the Dutch language

    Low-Riverlandish: Based on the English language

    Redstonian: A mixture of Germanic and Nordic languages

    These three different languages are a legacy from the First and Second Era and the different city-states across Westeria.