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Helmira, formerly known as Kythira and Helmsdeep, is the oldest walled city as well as the largest city in both the Kythiran Empire and Minecraftia by both population and surface area. Colloquially it is known as the City of Lights, the City of Palaces, the Imperial City and the City of Blocks. The megacity is located on the coast of the Narrow Sea, in the Kythiran Crown Province of the Heartlands.

The city was founded by H.I.H. Emperor Viromaro in the Third Era, although much of the city has existed as early as the late First Era in the form of the capital cities of the Kingdom of Kythira and the Kingdom of Helmsdeep. Historically and culturally the unification of those two cities have been seen as the birth of the Kythiran Empire's entry into modern history as a great power.

The city has been a global center of finance, diplomacy, commerce, architecture and gastronomy It is the seat of the White-Gold Tower, the government of the Kythiran Empire, and home of the imperial family.


Helmira is a splendid city that was founded as a symbol of unity of nations and eras into a prosperous whole. Originally the city of Helmira consisted of two capital cities of different kingdoms, Kythira and Helmsdeep, founded in the Second Era, separated by the Valley Lands. After the creation of the Kythiran Empire a larger capital city was required. This resulted in the unification of the previous two capitals into one larger city with the name 'Helmira'. 'Helm' standing for Helmsdeep, and 'Ira' for Kythira. A symbol of how the old world was united into one. It boasts of stunning architecture and numerous bridges over the River Helma. Its imperial history can be seen in the lavish palaces and museums that adorn the city. The most famous of these is the Helmitage Museum, located around the Bay of Splendour. It contains a vast collection of art and artefacts from around the world.

Helmira has always been a center of culture and creativity, attracting many renowned musicians, writers and artists. Some of the most celebrated names in Minecraftian history include arists hailing from or having lived in Helmira. Helmira’s musical scene is dominated by the Imperial Roterstein Theatre where visitors can enjoy ballet, opera and orchestra performances. The theatre is named after Crown-Prince Whazajottom Von Roterstein, a famous patron of the musical arts in the Empire.

One of the most distinctive features of Helmira is its Golden Nights, a period of time of time in summer when the sun barely sets and the city is bathed in a soft light. During this time, Helmira hosts a variety of festivals and events, such as concerts, dances, fireworks, sailing regattas, jazz shows and street parties. Golden Nights are a symbol of Helmira’s vitality and joyfulness, as well as its resilience and cohesion. Older parts of the city have survived despite numerous wars and tragedies, including the War of Two Kings and the Great Grief.

In recent years, Helmira has become a popular tourist destination, offering a rich blend of history, culture and modernity. The city has many luxury hotels and fine restaurants, as well as a vibrant nightlife and shopping scene.


Helmira is one of the wealthiest cities in the world, if not the wealthiest, due to it being a global center of trade. Due to the One Nation One Gate Laws enacted by the White Gold Tower, all trade coming into and going out of the Kythiran Empire has to move through Helmira. This has also facilitated the construction of the largest commercial harbour in the world, and the Helmiran Fleet itself is a formidable force only outsized by the Mediori Fleet.

Imperial City

Helmira is the center of the Kythiran Empire for many reasons, one of which is it being the home of the empire's royal family, as well as the vast majority of the Kythiran elite. Even the nobility hailing from the more remote provinces such as Alcanzar and Ardoragh have summer palaces and mansions in the vast city. For this reason, the city is also known for having such a massive amount of galas, balls and parties that the wealthy are able to mingle high-class at some event at least once every evening.


Helmira is well known for being the safest city in the Kythiran Empire, which is aided by a large regiment of the Kythiran Imperial Legion, the Kythiran Imperial Navy and the Imperial Helmiran Guards, the latter acting as a formal police force within the city boundaries. Its city walls, designed and build predominantly by Imperius engineers and craftsmen, are well known as some of if not the strongest in the world.

Notable buildings

The White Gold Tower

Center of government for the Kythiran Empire

The Imperial Palace

Home of the ruling House of Viromaro

Forum of Minecraftia

A center of diplomacy for Minecraftia

The Lindenborgh

Guest palace for visiting heads of state from Imperius

Fort Winterhal

Private winter palace of the ruling House of Viromaro

Villa Altojardin

Former royal palace of the Kings of Kythira, today a guest house for important guests to the White Gold Tower

The Grand Kythiran Obelisk

Monument to the Glory of the City of Helmira as the center of the Empire. At 169 meters tall the tallest structure in the world.

FH20 Grounds

Largest Iceboating race track in Minecraftia

Kythiran Games Grounds

Sport grounds for the annual Kythiran Games. Includes a large arena, a hippodrome, a Spleef arena, swimming arena, Elytra arena and Iceboating arena.

Hotel Ye Olde Tower


Supreme Court