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Golden Province of Ardoragh
Flag of Empire of Kythira
Capital Alralysva
Official languages
  • Redstonian
Ethnic groups
  • Arodraghi
  • Farlanders
  • Testificates
  • Demonym Kythiran / Ardoraghi
    Government Semi-Independent Provincial Government
    • Emperor
    Coetzeeclan Viromaro
    • High-Lord of Ardoragh
    Whazajottom Von Roterstein
    Legislature Mörkren Statehouse
    Council of Dukes
    House of Lords
    • Settlement of Morkren
    Minecraftian Dark Ages
    • Consolidation into the Kythiran Empire
    Third Era
    Currency Kythiran Florynts (F)

    Ardoragh is a Golden Province in the Empire of Kythira. It lays in the western realms of the Kythiran Empire and is, as one of the Big Three, one of the largest provinces of the Kythira.

    Originally Ardoragh consisted of a small area of land around Alralysva, about equal in size of the province of Camuria. After the Treaty of Solleria, which made Ardoragh a part of the Kythiran Empire, and the Pardoning of Von Roterstein, Ardoragh began a massive expansion through a combination of diplomacy for the northern expansion and conquest in the south, fueled by a massive injection of capital into the new province by Kythira’s elite, as well as through trade opening up with the rest of Minecraftia.

    Today the Golden Province is, as part of the Big Three, still an important part of the Kythiran Empire. However, High-Lord Von Roterstein’s isolationist policies have greatly impaired Ardoragh’s growth. Where once it was considered the crown jewel of the Empire, todvery ay that isolationism has greatly damaged her reputation in both Minecraftia in general and the rest of the Empire in particular. During the Fourth Era, contributions to the Empire consist mostly of contributing ships to the Kythiran Imperial Navy, with the shipyards of Ardoragh, especially those of Duke Ulv, still being considered world-class.


    Although the mythical history of the Continent of Ardoragh goes back far beyond the First Era, the history of Ardoragh as a province and more importantly as a somewhat unified entity is a far more recent one.

    During the late Second Era, during the period of peace between the three reigning kingdoms at the time thanks to the Redstone Alliance, one of these kingdoms, namely Redstonia, began exploring the lands beyond their walled off city, hoping to find riches and resources for themselves.

    One of these expeditions reported on a mysterious great fort build into the side of a mountain, far beyond where modern man had ventured before. These reports were not acted on straight away however, as the massive distance was considered by the Redstonian leadership as economically unfavourable.

    After the collapse of civilisation during the Great Grief, and the beginning of the Minecraftian Dark Ages, the resource poor lands of the Peninsula of Peril, upon which the Kingdom of Redstonia lay, began suffering famine and economic hardship. Small rebellions began, which were brutally squashed by the leaders of the kingdom. Knowing however that their situation had become untenable, and wanting to get far away from the old world which was now filled with raiding bands of bandits and war lords, an exodus was prepared to take the remants of the Redstonian armies and their most valuable treasures far away. Upon the discovery of the old expedition report by a Redstonian librarian, this mythical mountain fortress became their end goal.


    The culture of Ardoragh is greatly influenced by their heritage of being descendants from the ancient Kingdom of Redstonia. Redstonia being known for their fine engineering during the Second Era, especially in regards to cannons. With the establishment of cities like Kreonix and Yrticil, the Ardoraghi Kythirans became expert ship builders, making some of the finest ships of the Kythiran Empire, forming the Vestlig Sea Fleet and the Dodehavet Sea Fleet, which are important parts of the Kythiran Imperial Navy.

    Although far removed from the wealthiest regions of the Empire, the Ardoraghi Kythirans generally live decent lives within the boundaries of their province. Part of their large fleet doubles as fishing vessels, and allows for the Ardoraghi diet to consist mainly of fish and grains, with the occasional cookie on sundays. These “Rotersteiners”, cookies infused with honey, a famous Ardoraghi delicacy, are presented as small gifts from the High Lord to the populace once every week, and can be retrieved from most town halls.

    The Ardoraghi Kythirans are treated with some suspicion both inside the other Kythiran provinces as well as outside of the Empire, although they are free to travel throughout the country. As the House Von Dragestein was not a signatory party at the Pardoning of Von Roterstein, Kythirans that live in Ardoragh are prohibited from entering the Imperius Reich. A limited amount of Ardoraghi ships have access to the Imperius island of Dorwall, located in the Narrow Sea.

    Due to High Lord Von Roterstein’s isolationist policies, which became more prevalent during the Fourth Era, many Kythirans don’t identify closely with their brethren from the western most province. The tax evasion that the Ardoraghi provincial government engages in also breeds resentment from other provinces, many feeling that Ardoragh doesn’t contribute their fair share to the Empire. Furthermore, with tax evasion and being associated with tax evasion being a capital crime, being punishable with either execution or life imprisonment, many merchants and traders from the other provinces are weary from trading with their Ardoraghi counterparts, fearing being implicated in a tax evasion scheme.

    Overall this has impacted the Ardoraghi economy, having created something similar to self-imposed sanctions, but the natural frugality of the average Ardoraghi has allowed for this to not affect them too much.

    The average Ardoraghi are uneducated laborers, like farmers, much like many other citizens across Minecraftia. In the major cities however, generally most people are lettered and schooled, and it is here that the highest standard of living in Ardoragh exists.


    Ardoragh is a vast land that, much like the other Great Three, consists predominantly of large swaths of nature.


    Ardoragh, although officially a Kythiran province, is the most autonomous of provinces and has at times been labeled as rebellious by officials at the White-Gold Tower. Although officially under Kythiran rule, the Empire holds little influence in the province at large. This at times led to petitions from government officials to split up Ardoragh into smaller, more manageable provinces, but the sudden naming of Whazajottom Roterstein as Crown Prince of Kythira ended these plans.


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