The Lindenborgh

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The Lindenborgh is a large residential palace with luxurious gardens in the city of Helmira, located at the Grand Square. It functions as a guest house for royalty of the Imperius Reich when they are visiting Helmira.

Build during the Great Helmira Expansions of the Fourth Era, the Lindenborgh was part of the Kythiran Heavenly Peace Project. It lays in a large garden which, when there are no guests present at the Lindenborgh, is used as a public park for the citizens of Helmira.

Aside from its important guests, the Lindenborgh is known for its involvement and contributions in the international honey industry. Honey is created at the estate, which forms the basis for the Kythiran Royal Reserve. Furthermore, the palace and its grounds are the setting for the annual Imperial Honey Show, where beekeepers from all over Minecraftia gather to present their products. Inside of the palace is a dedicated honey tasting room, as well as a large cellar for honey storage.

The Lindenborgh is, especially with its large gardens, one of the largest palaces in the world. Furthermore, it is the largest structure where red bricks are the predominant construction material.