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Origins of the Minecraftia world

Minecraftia is a survival MP world, originally generated on April 15th 2012 by Squarepantstoo for Coetzeeclan and his group of highschool friends. 

The world was one in a series of multiplayer worlds, which included randomly generated worlds, a Harry Potter themed map and an Olympics themed map inspired by the then-popular Yogscast. 

What made Minecraftia stand out was the creation of the Kingdom of Kythira, which was originally created due to the user Coetzeeclan being inspired by the Youtube Minecraft music video called 'Fallen Kingdom' by CaptainSparklez, which was released 14 days before the world was generated. In particular Coetzeeclan wanted to recreate a bridge with large flag beneath it, as seen in the video. To achieve this, he used all of his TNT to destroy much of the King's Mountains peaks to make way for the bridge itself. Today it still stands there, largely unaltered, an insignificant looking structure compared to what one sees in the modern Fourth Era, but without it the chances of Minecraftia existing today would be extremely slim.

The name Kythira originates from a theoretical micronation some of the highschool friends had created some months before the world was generated, based on the Greek island Kythira.

After Kythira was established two more Kingdoms followed,  which provided great new incentives for the players to continue to play, which in turn allowed the world to greatly outlive the previous survival worlds, which would only be played for a bit until everyone had a house, after which they'd all get bored and start a new world. This is what made the Second Era unique and allowed for the server to prosper. 

That was until the Minecraftian dark ages. At the end of the Second Era much of the world, in particular the Spawnlands, which would later become the Riverlands and which were at the time the most densely populated area in Minecraftia, was hit by the event known as the Great Grief. The destruction caused by this led many players to become apathetic and leave, setting up their own servers. During this time the server closed and the world was moved to a laptop as a singleplayer world, where Coetzeeclan took a whole summer holiday to restore much of what was destroyed in the Great Grief. After this was released to the public however another Grief happened, and the server moved on to new short-lived worlds, similar to the previous Minecraft worlds.

After this, the world of Minecraftia remained a singleplayer world on a laptop, largely forgotten, which saved it when the other previous server worlds were lost when the external hard drive they were stored on exploded due to a loose screw on the inside.

For a long time the world of Minecraftia sat dormant on this unused laptop, with Borous remaining the primary - and often only - player on the server itself. This was until Coetzeeclan rediscovered the world, which he used as a place to wander around in nostalgia. Upon seeing that the map still existed after all those years, Borous requested to host the world on the server, a request that Coetzeeclan obliged.

Coetzeeclan however laid claim on all of the continent of Westeria, which was easy as the server at the time consisted of only him and Borous. In exchange for the Castle Blackwater, the base Borous had originally built during the Second Era, Borous received the Island of Dorwall and the Continent of Eastera to do with as he pleased. During this time Coetzeeclan and Borous also fully took over the server from Squarepantstoo.

With those events the Third Era truly dawned upon the world of Minecraftia, as the Minecraftian Dark Ages were over. In 2015 the Minecraftian Renaissance began. A period of stability and cooperation unseen before in the history of Minecraftia, which we are still experiencing to this day.