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The City of Marsadini is the capital of the Kythiran Golden Province of Camuria. Founded during the Second Era it was originally a colony of the Kingdom of Helmsdeep on the coast of the Narrow Sea, which allowed for a sea trade with the Kingdom of Redstonia, after the construction of the Narrow Sea Gates. Today the city still has access to the sea, only it has been limited due to the Great Wall of Kythira. Access is available only through the fortified Wolfenstein Bay.

During the Third Era Marsadini, as a former Helmsdeep colony, was annexed by the Kythiran Empire. Construction efforts were put in place to develop Marsadini as the capital city of the newly founded Province of Camuria, with the small Castle Merceria as the High-Lord’s seat.

In the modern era Marsadini, and Camuria, although located near the Empire’s wealthy capital Helmira, is considered as one of the poorest places in the Empire, and it is a symbol of the strong class divisions within Kythira. Most of the city’s inhabitants live in tiny homes, akin to sheds. Almost the entire population of Camuria lives in Marsadini, with a handful of people living in the town of Lapis.

Most of Marsadini’s population is employed by the Imperial Mining Company, which is headquartered below Fort Merceria. The Kythiran Legion has its headquarters near the city as well, which provides some extra work for the population.