Kythiran Politics

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The Empire of Kythira is a complex web of international and national relationships, with a great many different goals and as many ambitious leaders. Here, we shall attempt to explain some of these relationships in more detail.

National Politics

White-Gold Tower VS Ardoragh

The White-Gold Tower has had many clashes with the Golden Province of Ardoragh, ever since it was integrated into the Empire. Though Ardoragh trades with the other Kythiran provinces and pays her taxes, government officials in Helmira have always distrusted High-Lord Whazajottom, knowing his participation in the Seminal Tragedy that was the Great Grief. Meanwhile, as time progressed, Emperor Viromaro become more lenient to the province, giving it autonomy and privileges unique in Kythira. Whilst the Emperor built himself more palaces, Ardoragh slowly absorbed parts of other Kythiran provinces, including the coveted Heartlands. This caused tensions between local populations and the Ardoraghi leadership which still lingers to this day, especially in Alcanzar.

When Emperor Coetzeeclan Viromaro realized his only living family was Kaiser Borous Dragestein of the Imperius Reich, he realised the House Viromaro would end with him. Looking for a suitable heir to the throne, he took the Empire's second most powerful leader, and commander of the most powerful army in Kythira: High-Lord Whazajottom of House Roterstein. In a quick ceremony, he crowned Whazajottom as Crown-Prince of the Kythiran Empire, automatically making all members of the House Roterstein Princes.

International Politics

Familial Relationships

Although often at great odds with each other, the royal families of Viromaro and Dragestein are actually related to each other, dating back to the First Era, making Kaiser Borous Dragestein a Kythiran prince and thus third in line to the Kythiran Diamond Throne, after the Roterstein princes.