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The city of Yrticil, with the Cathedral, fort and farms to be seen from the entrance.
Banner of Yrticil

Yrticil is the major city in Southern Ardoragh. It was build by Witlof during the Fourth Era. It is both the southern-most city in Ardoragh and the Kythiran Empire and due to geographical isolation and advantages it is heavily fortified by both nature and the city's population. The city houses a small-to-medium scale shipyard and dock.

The city contains a large underground cavern system called Blackreach, to which most caverns in the region lead.

Yrticil was found after an Ardoraghi expansion party was sent to the south in name of Whazajottom to expand and unify the lands under his new flag. The expedition leader, Witlof, managed to bring a lot of villages under the flag or Ardoragh and settled the city of Yrticil to give a good grip to the Southern lands of Ardoragh. Yrticil is to this day the seat of power in Southern Ardoragh.