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Ardoragh Palace  
Ardoragh Palace  
Radenór Manor
|parent house    =  
|parent house    =  
|titles          = Crown Prince of Kythira
|titles          = Crown Prince of Kythira

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Crown Prince Whazajottom Roterstein is the ruler of the Kythiran Province of Ardoragh and officially the second most powerful person within the Kythiran Empire. His full title is Whazajottom Roterstein, Crown Prince of Kythira, High-Lord of Ardoragh and Knight of the Tower.

Noble House
Country Empire of Kythira


Alralysva Palace

Ardoragh Palace

Radenór Manor

Crown Prince of Kythira

High-Lord of Ardoragh

Knight of the Tower

His Royal Highness

His Lordship
Founded c. 0 AC
Founder Whazajottom Roterstein
Current head Prince Whazajottom Roterstein
Ethnicity Redstonian / Ardoraghi


Prince Whazajottom was, like the Imperial House Viromaro, the Noble House Vinkhuys and the extinct House Hurdræber, part of the First Men, Riverlanders back in the beginning of the First Era, when The Riverlands were still known as the Spawnlands and Oldspawn was known as 'The Spawn'. He was one of the builders of the First Home, and after that was demolished moved to his home of Redstonia at the Spawn.

After the Kingdom of Helmsdeep arrived as a competitor to the Kingdom of Kythira during the Second Era, raids by Helmsdeep began to torment the Spawnlands, and Whazajottom together with a group of friends moved east, crossing at the time extremely inhospitable terrain, eventually settling at the Narrow Sea's coast on the Peninsula of Peril. Here, he founded the nation-state of Redstonia, which would eventually become the strongest fortress and city-state of the Second Era.

Staying neutral during the War of the Valley, he changed tactics during the Great Grief, cooperating with King Mercenary of Helmsdeep to invade Kythira. However, this turned out to be a ploy, and he trapped Mercenary and his soldiers into a deadly trap, ending the Kingdom in the fires of the Great Grief.

Though Redstonia survived the Great Grief, it could not survive as a lone nation, and soon Whazajottom left his former Kingdom behind to look for new opportunities. He would find them years later, at the end of the Third Era, when King Coetzeeclan of Kythira gave him the lands of Ardoragh to rule as Kythiran High-Lord.

Whazajottom Today

Today Prince Whazajottom is arguably in a more powerful position than he ever was before. He not only holds almost full autonomous control over the largest and second-most powerful Kythiran Province as High-Lord, but he also is the heir to the Kythiran Empire if Emperor Coetzeeclan abdicates. Though technically the second-most powerful province of the Empire due to the capital of Helmira being in the Heartlands, in all other aspects he rules the most powerful province in terms of sheer resources, land and population. However, the expanse of the Province of Ardoragh has some hurdles that the provincial government in Alralysva tries to overcome, mainly in terms of infrastructure.

Prince Whazajottom has also been the cause behind many international stirs and conflicts between the Empire of Kythira and Imperius. Though far away from Imperius itself, he often tends to ignore international and even Kythiran law due to his own extremely powerful position, making him act on situations even when being forbidden to do so. This has become such a regular occurrence that the Courthouse in Helmira even has a lavish personal jailcell for him to reside in during the many lengthy trials he tends to find himself in. Though Emperor Coetzeeclan himself wouldn't care too much, he sees these trials as a necessary evil to reign the Prince in at least somewhat, as he was one of the culprits behind the Great Grief, and only his elimination of Helmsdeep and the Royal House of Mercenary was enough to convince Kythira to pardon him in the Third Era.


One noticeable difference between the Prince and the Imperial Family is their lifestyles. Whilst the current Kythiran Imperial Family tends to live a luxurious high-life, with the House Viromaro owning many lavish palaces and villas across the Empire, all primarily paid for by taxation of the Golden Provinces, mostly Ardoragh, the House Roterstein and the Prince tend to live a more down to earth lifestyle, choosing to have only a small palace in Alralysva and only holding Fort Mörkren for defensive purposes and the Ardoragh Palace in Helmira since they were forced to accept it by the Emperor. In fact, the personal castle of the Prince's brother, Duke Corspin, in Kreonix is much larger than the Alralysva Palace. Even so, the Prince barely uses his palace at all, preferring to stay on the move across his Province.

Aside from his large influence all over Ardoragh, he writes a book series called "The Book". It resembles a diary in where he writes down stuff he did that day, and tends to write little jokes, stories or even smaller guides to redstone contraptions. Besides that events that happened in Minecraftia can be found in The Book as well, however these tend to be written from his point of view and may receive heavy critics as well. Not only is his opinion found merely about events, it is quite everywhere. As can be read in the first few parts of The Book, where even the Emperor is not being spared. The series originated from the imprisonment of Whazajottom by Emperor CoetzeeClan, where he was given a little booklet to use as a diary for his days in prison.