United Federation of Provinces

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United Federation of Provinces
Status Historical
Castle Aquilon
Ethnic groups 100% Riverlander
Demonym Federation
Government Constitutional representative federal republic
• Consul
Legislature Federal Congress
Today part of Kythira
• Charter of the Federation signed
• Federation Army established
• Construction of Castle Aquilon
• Dissolution
Currency Federal Denar (FDR)

The United Federation of Provinces (also know as the Federation or U.F.P.) was a nation state spanning most of the Riverlands in 2012. It is notable for having the first republican form of government in the history of Minecraftia. Originally intended to form a sizeable, multi-province front against all aggressors, it never quite reached that point. Only the Riverlands joined as a province.

Ultimately, the Federation succeeded in stopping the raids on the Riverlands, but succumbed under a trade embargo instigated by the Kingdom of Helmsdeep. Without funds or supplies, the Federation army, consisting largely of mercenaries with only a few native volunteers, quickly slunk in numbers and could only garrison Castle Aquilon with a skeleton crew. The Battle of Castle Aquilon ensued and the little military presence that the Federation had was annihilated, effectively ending their dominion over the Riverlands. After the fall of the Federation, the raids once again continued.


As the Redstone Alliance raided the largely scattered Riverlands, the living standards of the inhabitants of the Riverlands diminished greatly. Poverty and crime were rampant in the face of continuous attacks. Despite attempts by the Rebel Alliance to recover stolen goods and fend-off raiders, they never quite gained a military foothold in the Riverlands.

Republic, a young Riverlander, rallied a number of people into a military organisation much more coherent and unified than the Rebel Alliance, establishing common rules, rights and obligations for all of it's members, including a tax- and criminal code. From this, a nation-state quickly emerged and claimed itself as the rightful, legitimate government of the common folk.

Quarrel with the Rebel Alliance

Although the Federation saw a natural ally in the Rebel Alliance, unification negotiations repeatedly failed. Rebel Alliance representatives argued that the Federation violated people's freedom as a neck-breathing, overbearing father-knows-best state. On the other side, the Federation criticised the Rebel Alliance for being dysfunctional, ineffective, unorganised and in essence nothing more than a ragtag group of resistance fighters. The Federation also stressed the need for a formal military, which counteracted the Rebel Alliance's cell-based structure.

Due to this, their relationship never evolved beyond "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" and military efforts remained largely separated, although occasional joint operations were executed. Kythiran archaeologists recently uncovered documents detailing a planned pre-emptive strike by the Rebel Alliance against the Federation in case a peace or ceasefire was established with the raiders. Apparently, the Rebel Alliance was fiercely opposed to the Federation's centralisation and feared the unification of the Riverlands under their banner.

Relationship with Kythira

The Federation had a complicated relationship with Kythira. Although officially enemies due to Kythira being a member of the Redstone Alliance and supporting the Kingdom of Helmsdeep and the Kingdom of Redstonia, Kythira was supportive of the Federation's effort to unify the Riverlands and set up a front against the raiders. Notably, they were responsible for funding Castle Aquilon and mercenary companies in an effort to provide aid the conflict. Despite this, Kythiran forces were present during the Battle of Castle Aquilon and actively fought against the defending Federation troops.

To this date, it remains unknown whether or not Kythira intended the eventual annexation of the Federation by placating them or if they genuinely wanted the Federation to succeed in their war of independence.

Dissolution and legacy

After suffering a crushing defeat during the Battle of Castle Aquilon, the Federation was thrown into disarray. For a short time the invaders could not find the Consul, until Kythiran intel, acquired during a guided tour of the castle weeks before the battle, located the underground bunker where the Consul was hiding.

blew a hole in the ground, pretending to kill him. In reality, the Kythirans helped him escape towards the northern farlands and he disappeared into the forest, never to be heard from again. With their leader missing in action and public support at an all-time low (due to the trade embargo), the remaining members of the Federal Congress disbanded the U.F.P. and distributed the little amount of money left in the coffers, evacuating a number of civilians out of the Riverlands.

Nowadays, the United Federation of Provinces is a distant memory, although the Kythirans have recently erected a monument in her memory. Even so, there remains a small number of quiet republican sympathisers in the Empire of Kythira longing for an end to the feudal system that has dominated Westeria for so long. They are rumoured to be present among all layers of society - including high-ranking officials and military officers.