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The Book is a book series written by Whazajottom. It features his day to day activities and his opinions can often be found inside this book as well. Often criticising Emperor CoetzeeClan Viromaro. Sometimes there can also be guides found inside this books, most often regarding redstone mechanisms. Most pages just talk about what was done at that day, or if anyone was encountered that day and had a little talk. These parts tend to be somewhat more boring, but it remains popular for the more thrilling parts that can be found. In the beginning the Book featured once every week, ranging the days from Day 1 to Day 7. Where at each Saturday a new book was started. However due to less activity this led to many book being near empty, and it eventually changed to just using the official date instead. Every book is now filled up with content, but is more seldomly published.

The Book has been of great importance as well. Causing great disturbances when The Book is being lost while in production, as it is carried around by Whazajottom pretty much all the time. On one occasion it was lost, causing the Great Search, which was the destruction of an entire alternative reality in search for the original transcription.

Several times The Book could not be found after being lost, causing either a reproduction on memory, or short summary of what happened in these days, or in a rare occasion a ragequit with pretty much an empty book explaining the situation.

Due to the many opinions inside The Book, and more exactly said, the critics against the Emperor, this series has quickly gained ground around the World. People usually don't get to speak out so freely, but after all the series have been created during Whazajottom's imprisonment by the Kythiran Government. Where he was given a book to write down whatever he wanted. And he decided to keep a little log instead, marking the start of The Book. Due to the more tense moments in these first parts of The Book these are also the most offensive. However, it managed to be published all around Kythira anyway. Years after the publication of these first and offensive editions of The Book, Whazajottom decided to interchange several words in the first edition to make it less offensive for the faint hearted. A step in the right direction was made, but many of these old editions still linger the world. Perhaps one day the entire series shall be a more pleasant read and not provoke people from all over the world. Whazajottom himself defended his writings by claiming it was never intended to be released, but merely to provoke the Emperor (which most certainly succeeded).

In the end, The Book is likely the most comprehensive historical record in all of Minecraftia as it got written in the very moments. Day to day life for the higher classes of Minecraft are elucidated, and even some of the more complex political events in the world can be traced in The Book to aid in understanding these.