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Red Keep
Founded during the reign of King Whazajottom of Redstonia
Founded 0 AC
Abandoned 1 AC (exodus of the Redstonians to Ardoragh; annexed by Kythira in 4 AC)
Attested by Emperor Coetzeeclan
Place in Minecraftia
Province Peninsula of Peril
Nearby water Yes
— Stone Brick structure —
Built during the reign of King Whazajottom of Redstonia
Built 0 AC
Shape Rectangular
Wall thickness 4 blocks
Stationed military units
Legio III Ignis
  • 3rd Legionary Cohort "Riverlander Blitzers"
  • 5th Legionary Cohort "Guardians of Valyria"
  • 6th Legionary Cohort "Sabretooth"
  • 3rd Logistical Cohort
  • 1st Equestrian Cohort "Emperor's Vanguard"
  • 4th Equestrian Cohort "Chargers"
  • Numeri
    Redstonian Guardsmen
    Site notes
    Condition Renovated, in-use
    Controlled by Imperial Legion