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When one today wanders the streets of Oldspawn, you can still among the scenic landscape find the scars of Minecraftia's history.

It was here where during the First Era the First Men emerged, after the land was discovered by Squarepantstoo Viromaro. These First Men, whom would later form many of the Great Houses, were united here for the first and last time, when together they constructed the First House, the ruins of which one can still find here today.

During the Great Grief, much of the city and the lands around it were destroyed, leaving behind massive craters and broken plains. During the Restoration Period of the Third Era, the newly formed Kythiran Empire decided to fill these giant craters with water, forming the pleasant lakes one finds around the city today.

Today the city is seen as a place of history and leisure. In Spawntower II, where once the original treehouse of Squarepantstoo Viromaro stood, is now the oldest hotel in Minecraftia. A great many villas, belonging to the Hurdræber, Vinkhuys, Roterstein and Viromaro families still stand around the lakes. The remnants of the Rebel Alliance can be found under one of the former Vinkhuys villas. Some remnants of the Federation of Provinces can be found here as well, including the monument to Republic and the castle of Aquilon.

The royal palace known as Villa Riverside looks over the city.

Today the city is the capital of the Riverlands and, noticeably, it is the only city without any true defenses.