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The ruins from Narskalli, as seen from the village Nogrollond.

The ruins of Narskalli are one of the more recent ruins that are to be found in Ardoragh. Around the ruins are still remains to be found from the battle that laid this fortress into ruins, ranging from craters to redstone cannons. Due to the presence of this weaponry, it can be clearly seen that this was anything peaceful. The date of the siege that took place is unknown. However, even due to the instability of this fortress and dangers that may still be inside it, like block of TNT that didn't explode or collapsing structures, the children of the village of Nogrollond tend to play inside these ruins a lot. But let these children not fool you, they know the place well and it can still offer many dangers to any explorer of the ruins. The main tower is even advised not to go near, a large part of it has already collapsed, and it will only be a matter of time until the entire tower comes down.

The ruins are close to the village of Nogrollond, which is a bit to the North west from Ardoragh's capital Alralysva.