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[[File:Minecraftia.jpg|thumb|699x699px|Minecraftia during the Fourth Era]]

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Minecraftia during the Fourth Era


The map of Minecraftia.

Minecraftia is a mostly creative Minecraft world, which main activity consist of building and admiring buildings. If you are interested in joining, please look at the bottom of this page on how to contact us.

On this site you can find the most comprehensive collection of information of the world of Minecraftia currently available. All information is based on eyewitness accounts, the historical epic 'Historia', archaeological digs, and on-site verification.

Information about the map and its icons can be found here.


There are 2 major empires in the world of Minecraftia, which can be subdivided into 3 regions.




The world of Minecraftia contains a large number of cities ranging from relatively small in size to enormous in scale. There are currently 4 Major cities and 13 Minor cities. Below here are the larger areas written down with their corresponding major and minor cities.




This paragraph does not contain a detailed list of all the towns. For a list of all the towns in both the Kythiran Empire and Imperius visit the Towns page.

For the list of towns and locations in Ardoragh, visit the Locations paragraph on the page of Ardoragh: Ardoragh#Locations

Contact us

If you wish to know more about Minecraftia, join us, or want to make a donation to help us continue to host this interactive map and wiki, feel free to contact us at Minecraftiacontact@gmail.com.