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Mörkren is the fortress located in the mountain next to the capital of Ardoragh, Alralysva. The fortress has only one entrance and exit. The bridge in front of it. The location of the fortress and it's only entrance makes it nearly impregnable. Inside the mountain fortress is a nearly fully functional city. It also locates a Spleef arena.

The Entrance of the Fortress of Mörkren at night.

The Fortress was constructed by High Lord Whazajottom during the Third Era before joining the Empire. Large halls have been built and are ever expanding. According to the folklore however, it was constructed by the Last of the Kings after defeating the Black Army. This also describes that the actual fortress of Mörkren is located deep inside the mountain behind a large labyrinth of caves. The fortress that can be seen from outside the mountain is merely a wall to keep all the evil inside. Never to be released into the world again. The folklore does not speak of a name for the fortress from the outside. Due to this confusion the fortress just tends to be named Mörkren just as well.

Mörkren is only accessible over one long narrow bridge. At the end of this bridge there is the large wall of Mörkren and two wooden doors. Passing the bridge unharmed shall be quite the objective due to the lots of spots one could fire an arrow from. Even after breaching the doors of Mörkren the whole fortress has several layers with stairs which can prove hard to take. Although small passages may sometimes be found around the fortress, which could make moving to other parts easier, however due to the small size, it would be easy to supress an attack from these passages during a siege.

Inside Mörkren is nearly a fully functioning city to be found. At the creation of the fort none of this existed. They were build later during the Fourth Era to support a larger population. The civilians living inside these walls are counted under the population number of Alralysva, due to the Fortress of Mörkren being located inside this city. The housing proves to be rather expensive, mostly due to location of being inside a fortress like this. Space is scarce and that holds a price.

The Grand Spleef Arena of Ardoragh can be found within these walls as well. Upon entering the fortress one can go to the right, where a map of Alralysva is displayed. Next to this map it a pathway down to the spleef arena. The start of this path at the part of the map is rather narrow, which could give a large jam during events in the spleef arena.