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Helmira, also known as The City of Lights, The City of Palaces, the Imperial City and the City of Blocks in Ardoragh, is the capital and largest city of the Kythiran Empire. The megacity is located on the coast of the Narrow Sea, in the Kythiran province of the Heartlands. Helmira is the largest city in the world by both population and area.

Originally the city of Helmira consisted of two capital cities of different kingdoms, Kythira and Helmsdeep, founded in the Second Era, separated by the Valley Lands. After the creation of the Kythiran Empire a larger capital city was required. This resulted in the unification of the previous two capitals into one larger city with the name 'Helmira'. 'Helm' standing for Helmsdeep, and 'Ira' for Kythira. A symbol of how the old world was united into one.