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House Viromaro

Banner: A golden flower on a red field

Ancestral home: Castle Fuertera

Motto: Blood and Gold

The House Viromaro originates from the Riverlands. It is one of the Great Houses of Minecraftia. They currently rule over the Kythiran Empire, and were the founders of the Kingdom of Kythira at the end of the First Era.

Having the wealth of the Kythiran Empire behind them, the Viromaro family is the richest in Minecraftia. The current patriarch of the family is Emperor Coetzeeclan Viromaro. His father, Squarepantstoo Viromaro disappeared in the Narrow Sea during the early Third Era, whilst his sister, Poppedijn Viromaro disappeared during the Great Grief. The Viromaro family has some blood ties with the Dragestein family, ranging back to the First Era. Recent conflicts such as the Dervich Incident have however strained this relationship between the two rulers.

The Viromaros are known for their need of territorial expansion and search of wealth. However, they are also known for their excessive spending on the formation of more palaces and enriching themselves, making some to describe their rule as a kleptocracy. The construction of a royal yacht, plated with gold, has been source of whispered mockery by the empire's elite. They have acquired most of their wealth by taking directly from the Kythiran Treasury, leaving the latter to one of the smallest in the world. They however claim that, since they embody the Kythiran state, this is permissible.


House Roterstein

House Agricola

House Vinkhuys

House Von Roterstein

Banner: A red cross on a black field

Ancestral home:

The Red Keep (Traditional)

Mörkren (Current)

Motto: Progress through Destruction

The House Roterstein originates from the Riverlands. It is one of the Great Houses of Minecraftia. During the Second Era, the head of the House, Whazajottom, became a King when he founded Redstonia on the Peninsula of Peril. The House was, together with House Hurdræber, a primary cause of the Great Grief and, although Redstonia survived the Grief in full, their nation-state nevertheless eventually crumbled.

As the Third Era began, the brothers Corspin and Whazajottom Roterstein were offered to colonize and explore the lands west of the Mediori Sea by Kythira, after the fortress of Mörkren was discovered, making Whazajottom the High-Lord of the new Golden Province of Ardoragh.

Today, the Roterstein family are one of the strongest families in Minecraftia, and with Whazajottom Roterstein becoming the Crown Prince of Kythira, they are considered by some to already be the most powerful family in the Kythiran Empire. They are also considered to be the third richest family of Minecraftia.

The Rotersteiners are known for their ruthlessness and willingness to destroy all what stands in their way. The current patriarch, Whazajottom Roterstein, is a clear example of this, whilst his brother, Corspin Roterstein, is seen as a more reluctant leader, whom focuses more on trade in his city of Kreonix. Contrasting their ruthlessness, they are also known for their great hospitality for those whom pledge allegiance to them.


House Ulv

House Hjerte

House Ulv

Ancestral home: Fort Yrticil

Motto: Rule the land through the waves

The House Ulv originates from Ardoragh. It is a minor house and Ardoraghi Duchy, ruling over the south of the Golden Province of Ardoragh from their city of Yrticil. Their current patriarch is Whitewolf Ulv. Their fleet is one of the greatest in Kythira, and due to this their family is reportedly being considered to be offered the position of High-Lord of Alcanzar.


House Jos

House Michal

House Klokibril

House Hjerte

The House Hjerte originates from Ardoragh. Little is known about the current matriarch of the family, but she resides in a grand palace, the greatest of its kind, in the northern forests of Ardoragh.

House Agricola

Ancestral home: None

The House Agricola originates from Camuria, though they claim heritage from the Second Era 'Republic' family, whom founded the short-lived Federation of Provinces. Today they command the Kythiran Legion, and are Lord Protectors of the Golden Province of Camuria, until a new High-Lord is chosen.

House Vinkhuys (Missing)

Ancestral home: Castle Spawnkeep

Motto: Shield of the People

The House Viromaro originates from the Riverlands, though officially they are the rulers of Alcanzar. However, as High-Lord Joey Vinkhuys has been missing for a long time, most of the province's governing goes through royal decree.

House Hurdræber (Extinct)

Banner: A blue cross on a white background

Ancestral home: Sverdpalass Castle

Motto: Strength Above All

The House Hurdræber was the most powerful house during the Second Era. Its founder, Mercenary Hurdræber, was one of the First Men, and during the Second Era founded the Kingdom of Helmsdeep. They were the driving force behind the Raids on the Riverlands and the formation of the Redstone Alliance and, together with the Roterstein family, eventually caused the Great Grief. Betrayed by the Roterstein family however, they were attacked themselves by Redstonian forces, leading to the extinction of the House.


House Dragestein

Dragestein Banner

Banner: A white dragon head on a red field

Ancestral home: Castle Blackwater

Motto: Eastwards and Upwards

The House Dragestein originates from the Riverlands. It is one of the Great Houses of Minecraftia. The family lived in the castle Blackwater for the First- and Second Era, but gave their fortress to the newly formed Kythiran Empire during the Third Era, in exchange for lands east of the Narrow Sea, where they, under Borous Von Dragestein, would form the Imperius Reich.

Today House Dragestein is one of the most powerful families in Minecraftia, and the most powerful in Imperius. They are considered the second richest family in Minecraftia.

The Dragestein are stuck in a great rivalry with the Viromaros, but have to keep diplomatic ties with them out of fear of a Rotersteiner Kythira, something they are greatly against, blaming the Rotersteiners for the Great Grief. Interestingly enough, the Viromaro and Dragestein families are related, making Borous a Kythiran Prince and fourth in line to the Kythiran Throne, after Coetzeeclan, Whazajottom and Corspin.

House Mace (Extinct)

Banner: A black bat on a red field

Ancestral Home: Unknown


Once the second most powerful noble house in all of Imperius, the House Mace was led by its patriarch Catman Mace. Originating from a land far away from the known world, House Mace managed to create a powerful position in the Imperius Reich, especially during the Third Era. However their loyalties were often tested, with Lord Catman Mace being a frequent guest in Helmira, though this is denied by the Kythiran government. Ultimately the noble House became extinct in the Fourth Era, when Kaiser Borous von Dragestein had the entire family banished on charges of treason.