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Ardoragh is currently a province in the empire of Kythira. It is located to the west of Kythira and is except for the farlands, the largest province of the world. Although it mostly consists of raw nature.

It is currently under the rule of High Lord Whazajottom. Before the unification it has also been under the rule of High Lord Whazajottom, back then it was a monarchy being ruled by Whazajottom. He had offered to join the Empire to prevent any new wars from escalating. This removed Ardoragh from being the new kingdom of Whazajottom.

Ardoragh has a mythical background with lots of folk tales, ranging from magical beings to giants to large evil armies plundering all the lands. Although there is little to no evidence to be found all around Ardoragh except for ruins. Although it is said that inside the mountain of the fortress of Mörkren still resides the old fortress from the folklore. The Mythical fortress of Mörkren. There are locked doors to be found inside the fortress, but for years nobody has ever went there. It is also strictly forbidden to trespass these doors. It is still unknown what is behind these doors.