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===Ruins in Ardoragh:===
===Ruins in Ardoragh:===

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Golden Province of Ardoragh
Capital Alralysva
Official languages
  • Redstonian
Ethnic groups
  • Arodraghi
  • Farlanders
  • Demonym Kythiran / Ardoraghi
    Government Semi-Independent Provincial Government
    • Emperor
    Coetzeeclan Viromaro
    • High-Lord of Ardoragh
    Whazajottom Roterstein
    Legislature Mörkren Statehouse
    The Royal Council
    Council of Vassals
    • Morkren discovered by the Rotersteiners
    3 AC
    • Annexation by the Kythiran Empire
    4 AC
    Currency Green Dragon Emerald (GDE)

    Ardoragh is a Golden Province in the Empire of Kythira. It is located in the west of the Kythiran Empire and is, except for the farlands, the largest province of the Empire. Although it mostly consists of raw nature.

    It is currently under the rule of High Lord Whazajottom. Before the unification it has also been under the rule of High Lord Whazajottom, back then it was a monarchy being ruled by Whazajottom. He had offered to join the Empire to prevent any new wars from escalating. This removed Ardoragh from being the new kingdom of Whazajottom. However, Ardoragh turned out stronger than ever, due to a high increase in trade with the Kythiran Empire, and Whazajottom became a High Lord as well, granting him more influence in the Empire of Kythira. It has even granted him the title of Crown Prince of Kythira, meaning he will gain full control over the Kythiran Empire may the Emperor abdicate.

    Ardoragh has a mythical background with lots of folk tales, ranging from magical beings to giants to large evil armies plundering all the lands. Although there is little to no evidence to be found all around Ardoragh except for ruins. Although it is said that inside the mountain of the fortress of Mörkren still resides the old fortress from the folklore. The Mythical fortress of Mörkren. There are locked doors to be found inside the fortress, but for years nobody has ever went there. It is also strictly forbidden to trespass these doors. It is still unknown what is behind these doors.

    Ardoragh is the largest province inside the Empire of Kythira. Ardoragh was able to expand to such sizes after the Great Grief, there was no presence of the Empire back in these days. When Whazajottom has left behind his former kingdom of Redstonia to settle in new lands, he came along many villages in this region which he managed to unite under his new flag. The word quickly came about and more and more villages and settlements joined the cause, causing the new kingdom of Ardoragh to expand with little effort. Whazajottom welcomed all of the villages and helped them to rise to greater heights. Combatting crime in the region with a harsh iron grip, this has caused crime to nearly disappear from the region, causing the population to rejoice even more under the new king.

    Other causes for the expansion is the near monopoly on trade with the Kythiran Farlands. Which has resulted in the city of Kreonix, the harbour city on the west coast of Ardoragh.

    Far down south in Ardoragh lays the city of Yrticil, founded by WhiteWolfXD98 in name of Ardoragh. Communications have been lost with this expansion party for a while, but once it was returned, a well functioning city was returned, having the southern parts join the cause as well. This however, was done after the unification of Kythira and Ardoragh. However they have decided to join Ardoragh instead of becoming a self governing province within the Empire.

    Titles in Ardoragh

    Within Ardoragh there are several titles, thus far the ruler of the province of Ardoragh is Crown Prince Whazajottom of Kythira, High-Lord of Ardoragh and Knight of the Tower.

    Under the High Lord of Ardoragh there is the title of Duke/Duchess for those who rule a city or a large Stronghold. There are currently three holders of this title: Duke Corspin, Duke WhiteWolfXD98 and Duchess xhartjexx.

    The title of Count/Countess can be given to those who are to control a village or fortress/castle. There are currently no holders of this titles.


    Ardoragh, although officially a Kythiran province, is the most autonomous of provinces and has at times been labeled as rebellious by officials at the White-Gold Tower. Although officially under Kythiran rule, the Empire holds little influence in the province at large. This at times led to petitions from government officials to split up Ardoragh into smaller, more manageable provinces, but the sudden naming of Whazajottom Roterstein as Crown Prince of Kythira ended these plans.


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