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The keep and city of Amarantheim.
The farmlands of Amarantheim.
An overview of Amarantheim on a map.
Banner of Amarantheim.

Amarantheim is a rather heavily fortified city, constructed by Corspin von Roterstein in the fourth era.

The city is well known for it's large farmlands and it's affluent farmers enjoy a lot of prosperity from being able to trade their harvest with the main harbor in the Vestlig sea, Kreonix.

After the initial construction of Amarantheim, it was invaded by a force led by Catman Mace. The official response from Duke Corspin von Roterstein stated "What a weirdo", after the invaders failed to take the keep of the city. The Imperius reich was requested to give an official statement on the attack but negotiations were cut short after the emperor claimed to be unaware of any aggressions commanded by him on Ardoragh soil.

Coordinates: -5936 77 1101