War of Two Kings

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War of Two Kings
Part of Raids on the Riverlands
Date0 AC
LocationThe Riverlands, Heartlands
Result Helmsdeep victory. Massive war reparations and tributes paid by Kythira and cession of the Valley Lands to Helmsdeep. Continuation of the Raids on the Riverlands by Helmsdeep.
Valley Lands ceded to Helmsdeep
  • Kingdom of Helmsdeep
  • Kingdom of Kythira
  • The Riverlands
  • Commanders and leaders
  • King Mercenary
  • King Coetzeeclan
  • Units involved
  • Helmsdeep Armed Forces
  • Kythiran Armed Forces
  • Riverlander resistance fighters
  • Strength
    Highly-disciplined mercenary infantry and a small navy. Large naval armada and feudal levies along with lightly-armed resistance fighters.
    Casualties and losses
    Destruction of the Helmsdeep navy and significant army losses. Major civilian and resistance fighter casualties. Near-neutralisation of the entire Kythiran military.

    The War of Two Kings was a conflict fought between the forces of the Kingdom of Kythira and the Kingdom of Helmsdeep in the Second Era.


    After the kingdoms of Kythira and Helmsdeep were founded, tensions soon started to arise. Though Kingdom in name, in truth the nations were more city-states, and thus resources were of relative scarcity.

    The decision of King Mercenary to build his kingdom on the Helms Mountains, opposite of the King's Mountains, upon which Kythira was build, only added to this tension. Between the two kingdoms, a valley stood, open for troops to march swiftly to either side.

    To protect their kingdom, the Kythirans occupied these Valley Lands, establishing several bunkers and trade posts. This annexation was not accepted by Helmsdeep, and they soon send their own forces into the Valley Lands, demanding resources in return for them stopping their occupation. Refusing this, Kythira sought to economically weaken Helmsdeep, blocking their trade routes with the Riverlands through land and the Narrow Sea.

    In an attempt to keep diplomacy open, the Kythirans constructed Minecraftia's first international embassy, not meant for just nations, but all people of Minecraftia. This predecessor of the Minecraftia Forum however failed to maintain peace in the world, and, in search for resources to expand their kingdom, Helmsdeep forces began what would become known as the Raids on the Riverlands. Attempting to stop these raids, as hurting Kythira's trading partner was hurting the Kythiran economy, the Kythiran crown gave Helmsdeep several ultimatums, but none had any effect on stopping the raids.

    Kythira had to resort to their last option, and declared war.

    The War

    As the raids upon the Riverlands continued, a group of Riverlanders fled east, under the guidance of Lord Whazajottom, one of the First Men.